What To Do When You’re At Your Lowest

Entrepreneurship isn’t always fun and profits (i wish). Sometimes, you’d hit a low or hard time, where you’re blamed for something that you didn’t do and cannot fix. Here’s 2 personal tips i learnt that kept me sane and pushing to breakthrough.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2008 and I am fortunate to only have had a handful of brutal business experiences that really hurt.

One particular event that was really hard, with 2 different parties that went out of their way to spread lies and hurt us professionally and personally. At the same time.

Those kind of blows, I feel that we entrepreneurs can take without batting eyelids (is it just me???) but what really stung was when our work friends and colleagues cutting contact and disappearing on us.

Messages were slowly replied and gradually no replies – we were ghosted.

One of them even said to my face they dont want the hassle to be associated with us and the challenges i was going through.

Lol i didnt even ask them for money….sigggggggggh.

M, those words really hurt.

When we help them make money, it’s all fine and dandy, but at the first hint of trouble, they’re gone. Poof.

Really convenient peeps.

These are the same people who i know and even their kids as we had group celebrations and events. It felt like the relationship i thought we had, was all a lie.

I can take lies and blows and cheap shots, but boy, that “looking away and cutting contact” thing? Stings.

Anyway, as promised, if you’re at a bad place right now in your business and you’re getting blamed for shit you didnt do, here are the 2 personal lessons i learnt:

  1. Capitulate and dont waste time arguing.

    I decided to ignore sunk costs, what the lies are and who said what shit – i just put my blinders on and set out to work and get back on track (or keep going). Plus, be aware that some people are liars and some like drama so im not going to feed that or waste time that i can use getting back on track.

  2. Reframe negative events.

    I was sad and frustrated and yes, i did cry a few times, but eventually realized that starting over wasnt bad – i had the experience, the skillset, the knowhow, and i get to do over without clowns this time. Not a bad reframe.



If you enjoyed this, watch the video with more 3 more personal lessons from breaking through my lowest moments in business.

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