What I Decided Then, Still Stands After Years And Counting

I was clearing out some documents, and I chanced across some old documents, some normal, some legal, and I was looking at the details in there and I burst out laughing – we had dealt with so much lies, falsehoods, allegations, and childish insults…and my decision then still stands today, years later and still counting.

And these are the kind of decisions that are important – the decisions that are good that withstand the test of time, that are much more important than just “winning at all costs including blackhat practices” and short term esthetics.

As I mull, think and share in “Good Success“, who we become is way more important than what we can ever get in the short or long term. That’s why I will never align with individuals or organizations who can lie, manipulate, cheat and all sorts of shenanigans rather than actually working and doing good work.

I smile to myself as I recall all the big promises and money and whatever I can get if I stayed / went with their wish for me ala dancing to their music, but alas! Who would have seen what would happen?

It was a tough and unpopular decision…but it is the right one nonetheless – I will do it again in a heartbeat. No matter how unpopular or tough a decision is, as long as it is good, right and in alignment with God, I will follow. And I am at least 100X happier already today, without even referring to the increase in health, happiness, business opportunities and more.

I have been praying, meditating and seeking the Lord, and I am more and more confident and certain, with time and experience and prayer, that we in His direction, alignment and path for us. Whatever was wrongfully taken from us, I am at peace that God will return us a 100-fold…and those who conspired to plunder, will be plundered in turn.

Yet, as I say this, I pray for God to forgive us all our shortcomings, to have mercy upon all of us, and to keep guiding all of us to the next level (all of us includes those who have sinned against us, and of course, us).

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