What Drives You: How To Quickly Find Your Why

Imagine this – compare a person who starts a business to earn as much money as possible as compared to another person, who starts a business to create jobs that people love

How do you think the businesses will be different?

Another example, imagine someone who want to run a marathon, because they feel like it. Compared to another person who wants to run a marathon to bring awareness or raise funds to abolish a disease.

Can you see the difference?

Knowing your why is one of the most powerful things you can have.

Eastern philosophy shared that there are 3 powers:

  1. the sword (weapons, businesses, military strength),
  2. the jewel (which represents money and wealth)
  3. and the last was the mirror, which represents wisdom, insight and self knowledge

Of these 3, I believe the mirror is the most powerful. Because with wisdom, insight and self knowledge, I can trust myself. I can trust myself to learn, to progress, build businesses or secure jobs and earn more.

Conversely, without wisdom, insight or self awareness, i will be doomed to be controlled by money or power or fear or feelings.

A person with awareness of his or her mission will always be stronger than a person who doesnt have awareness of their mission.

Their whys get them up in the mornings, keep them going with meaning, hope and purpose and even keeps them up at night.

Today i’ve a quick sharing on how to quickly discover your purpose.

insights to have, it’s the sole reason and purpose that

  • gets you out of bed in the morning
  • keeps you up at night
  • keeps you going and having fun

Do not do this exercise with your family or spouse or kids – anyone that is too close with you.

Choose your few good and close friends, especially those you can call at 3 in the morning and you can trust them to answer the call.

And likewise those who you will answer their calls at 3 am. Schedule a call, or better still, a meetup (or over a couple of meetups) and you’re gonna make them very uncomfortable by asking them repeatedly:

  • What is it about me that makes you like me?
  • That makes you want to be there for me no matter what?

Don’t help or prompt them at all.

They will start by describing you, saying general stuff like you’re smart / funny / honest / you’ve been there for me / we know each other so long etc etc

Everytime they describe you generally, you’re to say – everyone does that, and re-ask the question: “What is it about me, that you like to hang out with me or be there for me no matter what?”

This cycle will continue and you dont prompt or help them at all – be patient and wait, and repeat.

What are you waiting or looking out for?

Eventually they will stop describing you, and they will stop to really pause and think, digging deep down.

They will start to describe themselves and what they feel when they’re with you. They will describe the value you put into their lives, and this will resonate with you emotionally, spiritually and mentally

You’d either get goosebumps, or you may tear and cry, or both.

This is the roughly the space and the range of where your why is. Once you do this with multiple friends, they will likely say similar things or exact same things. The more you do stuff that’s related to your why, the happier you’d get.

Your why is always consistent, and that’s the short exercise you can do over the next couple of weeks.

Let me know your results and your whys – i’d love to hear from you.

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