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As I walked into the clinic today, I noticed that our new Nespresso machine’s water level had reached an unbelievably low level of water (too low and if you make a cuppa coffee, it’d spoil the machine). This prompted me to fill the water level up and to share with the receptionist and staff at hand to fill it up as the water level dips below 20%, so that it’d minimize chances of it spoiling.

Later, as I went into the pantry, I saw that the makeshift area where we had been using part of the sink work top as temporary place where we store our washed cutleries and utensils and how it has piled up and I scouted around for a better storage solution for our washed dishes and found a dish rack. I washed it, wiped it and started storing the washed dishes into it….before I found that the milk frother wasn’t washed properly, so the milk stains inside had started to turn rancid and started smelling bad.

Again, I had to bring it to the staff level to show and let them smell and understand the repercussion of not washing up properly – it’d cause burns and stains if we didn’t realize it but still used it; or worse, disease and illness of food poisoning. I washed it up and found other cups that weren’t washed properly, and washed them all up.

Then I topped up the water of the water fountain, my splinting pan because it has tendency to “run out” of water by sheer evaporation – one from moving water, one from heat.

Interestingly, I didn’t feel bad at all for sharing with them, nor did I feel bad for sprucing up the place and sharing with them what they needed to do to make the place more habitable and usable.

As I was cleaning up and making things better than they were, I recalled my dad and my mom, how they used to make noise about taking ownership of the house and to do housework to share the space. Of course, then, I didn’t really care about all those ownership thingie – I did the housework for a few reasons, namely (1) so that they’d stop nagging and (2) because I was given the “or else” ultimatum. Home ownership was the last thing on my mind.

As I continued cleaning up my clinic, I realized why I enjoyed sprucing the place up and making it nice and user-friendly and habitable.

I actually love the place. I love it. I love it. I love all aspects of it. I know it’s bittersweet, sometimes it’s so tough and difficult, sometimes it’s easy. But I love it.

That’s why I don’t tire sprucing it up.

Let’s get a little more philosophical and metaphorical. Likewise, when you love yourself more (for some of you that actually hate yourself, do consider trying to start liking yourself a tad first, before going into loving yourself), you won’t find it a chore or painful to engage in personal development or some forms of activity to enhance and develop yourself.

  • physical exercise doesn’t seem that bad
  • reading may be fun
  • communicating with people may be a joy
  • going for courses will be engaging
  • thinktanking may be a great source of fun
  • etc

Today, if you’d like to engage in some personal development, consider sprucing up your place at home and at work. It doesn’t have to be physical sprucing like moving furnitures and physically washing up like I did (though it’s good too =p), it can be something unseen, like changing processes and procedures (taking out unnecessary processes to make things more achievable) or adding them to make things more accessible. The combination is endless.

Say to yourself, “I love my ____” (self, place, home etc). Take ownership of it. Love it. =)

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