True Allies Versus Fair-Weathered Friends

The two best things a person can lose in life are probably fair ...

True Allies are people who will not only be with you, but also guide you to the right path, even if it puts the relationship at risk of souring or dissipating, because they are more interested in you, growth, truth and courage. Even when one has done wrong or when others wrong them.

Fair-Weathered Friends are like the name implies – they’re fair to you when the weather is fair, nice to you when the weather is nice, and bad to you when the weather is bad. This weather typically points to people being nice to you when you have money, influence, power, looks etc, basically they want something that you have, or people who will quickly run away from you when something bad happens to you.

I realized my True Allies recently, and who the fair-weathered ones are and their characteristics, and I am so glad to find out early in the game of life.

Thank you for clarity, it’s liberating =)

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