Tidying Up NigelChua.com

With the recent NigelChua.com move from Solo Build It to WordPress (powered by Wealthy Affiliate), there are quite a number of things I need to fix, rename and tweak at the “posts” level and with 700+ posts, there is a lot to fix ha.

Of course, there is also other stuff to do that revolves around

  • pages (all current and new ones to add)
  • publishing / publications for kindle books under NigelChua.com
  • resource / success tools page

and so much more to do – but I’m enjoying the process of course.

I’ll slowly add more articles too, and I believe as I write, it’s hone/fine-tune my writing skills, process and focus.

I think this is the magic of using WordPress as a blog, because it encourages me to write as I think and think as I write – this keeps me away from procrastination and over-thinking, because as much as thinking is good, we also need to do/execute to improve and get data/feedback to improve, which is as important as doing things right and thinking.

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