Today was an interesting day, where there was pockets of time where I had time to think (or where thoughts after thoughts just came flooding into my mind) and be mindful and thoughtful.

Maybe it’s just the last week of the year sort of thing, where one becomes more reflective of the year (but I’m actually pretty busy handling a few projects and a major renovations of one of our clinic headquarters where we tore down everything and rebuilt from scratch).

Whatever it is, it was interesting.

Some of the key thoughts for the day:

#1 I Want To Work With Beautiful People

Not just the physically sexy/attractive ones (that’s nice), but those who are beautiful on the inside. I’ve met so many pretty/handsome faces that do shit, so…looks don’t cut it.

In some of the places I work and people I meet, I chance across really un-beautiful people, and I feel sorry first for their colleagues (including myself).

Next year onwards and moving down, I really want to work with more beautiful people, inside. Outside good looks is truly a bonus. This means I don’t also wanna work with shitty organizations that are just greedy and practices stuff that I disagree with.

This year, we terminated 7 contracts of people whose DNA at the workplace do not match our DNA of openness, sincerity, hard working, thoughtful and positive. And life became better almost instantaneously. I will retain this approach for future work and partnership.

#2 I Want To Do More Meaningful Work

Meaningful to me has a few aspects: who I do business with and how I do it; as well as what kinds of work.

I’m an entrepreneur through and through, but I’ve come to accept and realize that I can and will never be those sort of business owners who can run bean counters and number-crunching businesses which nickel-and-dime things, as well as being a pain to work with (see #1 above).

The work and businesses I deal with, I want it to be a 4-way-win:

  • Win for customers
  • Win for employees/contract staff
  • Win for business owners/shareholders
  • Win for the world

I do not believe in a zero-sum game, where there is a limited pie in the world. If you meet someone like that, walk away. People who believe in zero-sum games are incapable of seeing how we can create value, and that’s how the pie become unlimited; instead, what they see and understand is that the pie is only limited, so there must be winners and hence, losers.

People who think that way have limited creativity to create new things and value, and they tend to be more managers and management. Yes, good, honest and professional and sincere managers are always welcomed in medium to larger organizations, but it’s not my cup of tea.

Or working those who are downright fraudulent (out to defraud or “game” a certain system), scammers and con people.


Disgusting individuals and companies.

I want to work and serve good people: honest, hardworking, sincere, legal, ethical and positive. I will no longer entertain the scums, scammers and moochers of the world: it’s a true waste of time, energy and effort.

And how I do business: free, good, positive and honest. To be able to take care of good people well, to take them on special treats without having to ask for budget approvals etc. Time consuming. When we have good people, I don’t think it’s good to delay taking care of them.

For me, building and growing a profitable business, everyone must win, not just the business or the customers. Often, it’s easy to neglect and ignore the front desks/receptionists, the core team; lost in the mountain of bureaucracy.

That brings me to my third point:

#3 Acknowledging My Strengths And Deliverables

Maybe it’s my personality, or my values, or my character: I prefer to deal with working with people are a more personal and ground and real and sincere levels, where I roll up my sleeve and truly help make their lives practically better.

The professional managers I have experienced do a very different dance and game to me. I work closely with a number of professional managers, and I used to be impressed and sometimes, intimidated by how smart and brilliant they are…but I’ve come to realize that I don’t have to be impressed or intimidated:

I create and build value; they manage.

We have very different dance, strengths and skillsets.

#4 Focusing On Creating Longer Term Value

Many of you here on will know that I joined Wealthy Affiliates since 2014 and have been using Site Build It since 2010 to build websites; and from my experience so far, I am making some money online from my affiliate websites.

I like it.

I like build affiliate sites and earning money off my writing and websites. I really like it, and I want to grow my affiliate and online businesses. What I like is I can research, conclude, write, share and earn writing about stuff I care about.

And every page, every word, every article I write, works for me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every single day.

It is a long term asset and business building, though it is hard work and takes so much time to write every single word and page.

But I like it.

It’s mine, and I like to create and write. Morever, it’s on stuff I like.

I’ve actually quite a number of WordPress-based and SBI-based ones, and so far, I am liking both platforms but I am getting more results in terms of income and traffic from my Site Build It powered sites.

But I am still barely a beginner, and I will keep building deeper the sites that are most meaningful to me. Moving forward, I will streamline the top 2-3 sites that I love and has most potential to grow into super authority sites, and grow it more for the long term.

The platforms I use are:

#5 Importance Of Health, Family And Christ

When everything is said and done; having good health and good relationship with Christ and family is the bare basics and foundation to a happy, healthy and quality life.

It’s something that is so easily taken for granted, given so many things can be “urgent”, but truly, nothing is as important in the world as our health, our relationships with Christ and family/friends.

What is the point of gaining the whole world, but losing health, friendships, marriages, relationships? What’s the point of it all?

Balance is truly the key, and focusing on what is important, and doing them again and again and again.

There is so much in my mind during the last week of 2016, where I am much more reflective and introspective. I think it’s good mindwork, and I want to take more timeout to think and reflect more for 2017 and beyond, and I want every work and effort to go into things that are meaningful, long term and according to my strengths and skillsets and preferences.

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