Think-Do-Refine-Refined Doing Productivity

I think the real reason why this blog (and probably my other projects) are often stalled is because I’m thinking to think all aspects of the project, how each different parts interact with each other, and how it should be linked and done etc.

Ah, that sounds familiar – I was being perfectionistic. Aiming, aiming, aiming but never fire – just too busy thinking, planning and aiming.

I mean, to do things without thinking is another form of hell, but to think-aim-plan-but-never-do is also another form of unproductive hell, and obviously it’s wasted much of my time and stalled several projects. Oh well, now that I’ve some insight and awareness into that, I will instead tweak my approach to think-do-get data-refine-refined doing-get data-refine etc – which makes much more sense.

Every stage needs to have a set time eg

  1. Think x 1 block of time
  2. Do x 2 blocks of time
  3. Get Data + Think + Refine x 1 block of time
  4. Refined doing x 2 blocks of time
  5. Repeat #3 and #4

And that seems to be it for now – will apply this to the few core projects that I have (and in future).


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