They Call Me Good Boss

man in black long sleeve shirt sitting by the table

Some of the staff and people whom I have the privilege of leading, teaching, guiding and being with them, call me “good boss”.

And it’s not just once off – it has happened in the previous businesses that I had that had been acquired, and even for this now (and extrapolating it, I believe I will continue my same philosophy and approach to work, business, life and money, which is applying the principles of Good Success).

This isn’t a humble brag post and it will never be, but more of a hmm / feedback post, that why do they call me good?

Is it just about being nice?

No, I don’t think or believe so – I do tell people off when some processes isn’t done right or when something goes wrong.

I believe because I try to focus more on processes (as opposed to blaming people, unless in some cases some people are egomaniacal / implosive drama queens) and equally as important: to control quality and culture tremendously – we have no place or tolerance for toxic people.

And keep being consistently guiding and teaching without judgment, nor dumping unnecessary things on them.

I think, above all, is guiding and leading with love.


What about you?

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