The Number One Rule To Become Richer

The number one rule to become richer is this: to understand that money IS a game. And once you get this, you will realize that you can definitely get better (and richer) by learning money rules.

Overall, there are just 3 general rich money rules (laws of money):


  • It’s a doubles game. How long will it take for your money to double? Is it months? Days? Weeks? 3, 5 or 10 years?
  • You want to invest into assets that puts money in your pocket (cash flow positive).
  • Compound (time + reinvestment) is where the money is at.

2) You need CASH to play the MONEY GAME.

  • Make more by earning more, starting and growing a business or spending less.
  • Don’t buy shit that you don’t care about / don’t lose money.

3) PATIENCE In The Get Rich Game

  • To let compounding do its magic, it takes time.
  • To earn more, you need to learn and apply and refine.
  • It takes time, patience, practice. Lots of patience.

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