The Life You Love

Money vs finite time and energy

Life is indefinitely more than just about making and having more money.

Yes, money is very useful for many things, like allowing us to

  • have basic comforts such as place to live, food and water
  • able to travel to work
  • luxuries such as travel, eating out and having fun

But more importantly, what I’m pushing is how money can buy you time back.

Money and time

Whilst money is infinite (ie we can earn again and again), but time and life isn’t infinite.

Time is the ultimate non-renewable resource – money is always there to be earned, spent and invested but unfortunately time isn’t. Yesterday is never gonna come back – neither is last week, last month, last year…you get the point.

That’s why I’m so protective of my time and prioritize freedom of time over most things and decide to use passive income and money to buyback my time and freedom.

Life you love

Because life truly is so short and fragile (an ancient book said our lives are like smoke: here today, gone tomorrow), is that I prioritize my time and freedom over money.


For me, it’s about building the kind of life I want AND love to live. What’s the point of having money (or more and more money), but being unable to spend my life pursuing projects, people and serendipitous moments?

Here’s the categories of posts I write about:

This site is a personal development site, about building and living a life you truly desire, dream and love, and showing you how you can get there without having to build the next big thing.

It isn’t so much an in-depth financial and passive income blog but it’s more about perspective transformation and lifestyle change – in this case, your attitude will determine your lifetime wealth more than your knowledge.

I’m glad you’re here, so let’s get started.



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