The Dream Of Independence


I vividly remember my dream last night, which is interestingly clear and easily remembered.

I “woke up” in the dream, gained consciousness where I was having a conversation with Felicia, one of my ex-gifriends, and she was showing me places in a room where I can “keep” my stuff.

And in the meantime, I was wondering “where’s Louise?”

Felicia continued to give me a guided tour of a room, which I remembered to be kinda small, so it shouldn’t take so much time to show me the room. Now, looking in retrospect, I don’t remember having a conversation with her, it was more her telling me about the spaces and how life would be in the room.

I looked at the room, looked at Felicia, wondered about Louise and remembered talking within my head (in my dream, how cool is that), this all doesn’t make sense. Even if something had happened to Louise and I ended up being alone, it doesn’t make sense for me to go back to the past or stay somewhere for the sake of staying…and I picked up my bag and proceeded to walk out and away from that room.

There was no remorse, no nothing, just me moving away from the past.

I suddenly had another flashback of an earlier incident where I think I had met up with another one of my old flames, and something similar that had happened (this happened in the dream) and it, too, ended up with me walking away.

Then I woke up, it was the end of the dream.

Looking back, I think and believe that my spirit and soul and mind are reconciling with my past, present and future in a way that I didn’t seek nor searched, but it happened anyway. I trust my spirit and soul and God to do what is best for me. I believe that should anything happen, I will probably not just look back and go back to my past for the sake of it or simply because “that’s all I know”.

I remember myself in my dream saying, for clarity and directions, all I have to do is to pray and seek for God, and He will show me the way – always. Interestingly, I feel a deep sense of peace and calm inside.

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