The Counter-Productive Idea Of Not Just Chasing Money

There is a fictional character I like to make up, and I call this character “Smellie” – and this person is a person who will just “chase money”. He or she will stick around people and organizations just because they smell money in that person or organization.

And we all know someone like that.

In fact, I know TONS of people like that, who don’t mind sticking around individuals and organizations that is willing to defraud and cheat other individuals and organizations for money…because they want money too. They don’t care how it’s done, they just want the end result: more money.

And the funny thing is this: there is money to be made anywhere.

The biggest truth about making a lot of money is:

  • to find a need
  • to deliver a valuable solution
  • and get paid for it

One does not get paid for smelling money nor hanging around individuals / companies with money.

This “smellie” I know is hanging around, jumping up and down and dancing to the tune of the individual and organization with money, doing whatever they ask, be it good or bad – it doesn’t matter to this smellie. The last I know, he’s been in that organization for a decade+ and still waiting for his long awaited handouts and payouts.

You know what, maybe it works for these people, to wait around and be kicked around and do whatever the big boss say, so that they can “earn” their big payout. Justifying all the politicking, backstabbing, and doing all-around useless valueless stuff with “I’ll just do this and wait a while more until my big payout and then it’s okay”.

There are so many companies that talk the big talk and showy stuff like: hang on a little longer, once we go public (IPO) or get that deal, we will give you X bonus and you can then do Y. They are selling individuals the pipe dream and it’s a moving target. Likewise one company gets acquired and the buying company promises

  • an indefinite bonus
  • an indefinite timeline to this bonus
  • an indefinite or non-descript way to achieve this bonus…

…what happens if they dont?

What protects the downsides?

Okay here’s the deal: there is zero motivation for the evil big corporations to let people like “smellies” go – it will make more sense to perpetuate them to keep working and keep chasing dangling carrots and big sticks, kinda like a hamster in a wheel, running…running…on the same spot, hoping for a bigger meal.

It’s not just “smellies” – there are lots of people who either “have no choice” because they have commitments or are afraid because of fear and the manipulation that goes around.

And that’s what that drive me nuts and make me go deeper and deeper into

  • entrepreneurship
  • leadership
  • personal development

For those who likes to play the corporate games and golden handshakes, fine, good for you. I don’t. Not an iota or shred of my being believes in locking or manipulating – I just can’t. I will do my level best to help all who work with me or come my way to level up such that even if they’ve acquired freedom, they actually want to work with me and my organizations due to the value we bring and who and why we do what we do.

It’s a little slower, and it’s a little counter productive, but it is the long game of good success that I live for.

The main issues why just chasing money will lead to less money and sadder way of life is because we as humans are social creatures and most desire a meaningful existence.

#1 Money Is A Tool And Byproduct That Has Some Purchasing Value And Power

Yes, and the reasons why many people seek money first is because with money, we can do many many things be it

  • buying comfort like homes, cars
  • buying luxury like travel, expensive and nice stuff
  • buying medical care etc

Money is awesome of course I get it. I am capitalistic and I do like making money too…and this leads us to #2

#2 We As Humans Are Social Creatures That Desire Meaning And Progress

Money is typically the means to an end, not the end all – and this is the main reason why many people who become or are rich, fall into deep depression and unhappiness.

This is what usually happens: these rich people, once they realize they are rich, they then become lost, asking:

  • what now?
  • what’s the point?

And this is made worse IF they achieved their money by stabbing others in the back, cheating and defrauding others to earn more, leaving a trail of bodies and blood of all they had stabbed to get to where they are currently at. And the idea of continuing the game of stabbing and cheating isn’t enticing anymore…especially if they have loved ones that ask them what they do.

Or they start seeing that their families and friends doing the stuff to them and their loved ones.

All they do WILL catch up to them sooner or later (unless they’re unrepenting sociopaths – which many white collared managers and C-level executives are), be it in the world of business, work, family relationships and even upon death (yes, we will have to account to God when we die) – it will all be accounted for.

Even if one repents and turnaround, they will have to pay restitution be it in finance, relationship, service etc.

The Best Solution Is Playing The Long Game Of Good Success: Serving Profitably And Well

Even if they repent and turnaround and pay…it doesn’t solve the problem of Progress and Meaning…and the most important thing is to Start With Why. This means to dive deeper into oneself, and yes, to make money…but why and what? Not just make money to make money right?

Like, what drives you and/or your organization?

I know for myself, it’s very clear – I am a big proponent and believer of Good Success, which includes Freedom (Financial, Time, Fitness, Location) and the antithesis is individuals who are opposite to my philosophy – they players or believers of winning-at-all-costs, including cheating, hurting, manipulating.

For this very reason itself, I choose specificly who I will work with or serve.

Even when organizations try to entice me with money, or threaten me with lawsuits to do their bidding…I rather face all the lies-filled lawsuits and walk away than to stay for convenience and money. This is my conviction and my Just Cause – I will not play that game nor hang out with such people. And I still stand my ground today, years on. And even as time goes by, it is even clearer that my decision that was the best and right one.

I just cannot tolerate individuals or organizations that pushes me to

  • squeeze the people I serve
  • squeeze the organizations I serve
  • squeeze the patients

Just because we can.

No can do.

My Just Cause is to do good business where everyone wins, and it’s an open, optimistic, positive, transparent, sincere and progressive culture and game. Anyone who tries to introduce culture counter to this will not be hired or retained long.

Simon Sinek calls this “Infinite Games” versus “Finite Games”. There are place and time for Finite Games with finite players, such as marathon runs, basketball and sports games where there is finite number of players and finite time, and everyone plays to win. As it is, Finite Games aren’t a problem when we know it’s finite and then we play and enjoy it and play to win.

Don’t trip or hurt others so that we can win, yes, that may drop our competitors out of the game, but what remains is that we may still be sucky individuals or sucky companies – do we want to “keep winning by keep cheating?” – what kind of game and life and philosophy is that? What kind of meaningful existence is that?

There is such thing as good sportsmanship versus bad ones.

In the world of business and personal life – we cannot play it like a Finite Game (though physically we have finite time ie we can live physically max 100+ years) because truly it is  . If we want to leave a good legacy, then we must play the Infinite Game – where we do the best to serve each other, serve clients profitably, do good, take care of relationships and be honest who we can or cannot serve.

What we need to do is to keep evolving and to keep growing and to keep refining.

What Does This Mean?

To me, it means that I will continue doing what I’ve always been – I will continue to share my best guides and tips to help individuals improve their lives from the standpoints of

  • entrepreneurship
  • leadership
  • parenting
  • growth
  • personal development

Even when there is no money to be made. I will not go out of my way to squeeze every penny out of my readers or people. But if it’s a good product or service that will help you grow and which I am an affiliate or creator of – I also will not shy away from sharing or promoting.

This is my stand.

For you, don’t just chase or choose money. Yes money is important, and I like making money. But if and when you have to choose between a venture that pays you more with evil strings attached versus one that pays you less – do your due diligence first and think. Which is inline for you. No point taking a job/project which you cannot stay for long (or worse, breaks your heart) versus one that will nurture you more.

And pickup a side business that you enjoy and are passionate for, and monetise it.

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