Thank You, A Tribute To All I Know

In my course of life from birth at 1982, till today, there has been so many souls and people who had come into my life. Some had come and gone, some had come and stay, some has been with me from the beginning of my life. I’m dedicating this page, as a tribute page, a thank you page of sorts, for the people whose lives had or had or is or will be intertwined with mine, for you.

I will try to make it as comprehensive as it can be, in a chronological manner, I hope, and I will keep adding to the list as often as I can (once I recall and remember more, or in the course of time and experience, my life will be exposed to more people and experiences).

God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit – for God is the one who made me, loved me first, brought salvation to my heart and life, gave me health and a good body, good brain to think and strategize, a good heart to love with ever-enlarging capacity. Jesus who died on the cross for me that I (and the whole world) will have salvation and a future. And the Holy Spirit who guides me on a day-to-day basis. Thank you.

My lovely wife, Louise Yow – whose support, love and generosity of character had sustained me through all these times, I love you. Your charm had constantly brought bellows of laughter to me, and your love, warmth to my heart. Thank you.

My direct biological family – Daddy Daniel Chua, thank you for bringing back the bacon and bread, for your teaching me of what life is, who God is, to embrace truth and develop character and patience, and hope. Mommy Yen Hee, thank you for your undying love and support, working extra hard to earn more bread and butter and bacon plus keeping the household intact, for teaching me compassion and faith and trust, for your wisdom in all things. Older brother Nicholas Chua, thank you for your love that is evernew, your teaching me to engage and see the world, and how we can change the world, and for the last 22 years of gaming love. You have taught me courage and love, in a subtle manner. Sister Vanessa, for your generosity of character, and honest love, and your amazing ability to learn and move decisively. Sister Rachel, for your generosity of love, open acceptance, brilliant communication and always sensitive and gracious. Thank you.

My biological family by marriage – Daddy Peter, your quiet patience, love and support is deeply appreciated and loved, as well as for your open generosity and humor. Mommy Jenny, your open invitations is always warming to our hearts, your wisdom in life and deep love for us and family is second to none, and the grace and help that you had extended to us in our times of need will be forever remembered by us. Older sister Lorraine, thank you for your support and love. Sister Leona, your generosity of love, trust, help and honor is amazing, and the way you always include us in your life, thank you. Sister Lina, for your demonstration of open acceptance and grace, and your dedication to pursue what is true to your heart is inspiring. Thank you.

My Spiritual Family – Pastor Kong and Sun, your dedication of your life and honor to God is nothing short of inspiring and life-changing. Your integrity of character in good times and troubled times warms my soul, and brings hope to my heart. The word of God as shared by you and your life has indeed changed mine. I honor and love you.

Cell Group Leader Keith and Mabel, your generosity and openness of acceptance and love has changed the way I see people, the way you wake up so early in the morning for your morning prayer walk with God of which, when you said “if I don’t get an answer from God, I won’t go to work” has been a life-changing moment for me. Your grace and love brings warmth to my heart. The love that you demonstrate to your children yet firm at the same time, teaches me how to handle myself, and the people I have to handle. Kim Eng and Micheal, your generosity is very often more than welcome! The dedication to your children and your steadiness of faith inspires me. Eddie and Veron, your generosity and wisdom are inspirational and deeply appreciated, they helped inspire and sustain us through our tough times and good times. John and Sally, your love for God is truly amazing, in the dedication to the word and in prayers, it had and has inspired me countless times, and seeing you prosper in life, wealth and health brings me happiness. Sandeep, your generosity of love and acceptance is deeply appreciated, and your humor has many times brought a smile not only to my face but to my heart. Choon Huat, you taught me to focus and to keep moving forward progressively, no matter what. Justin, you have shown me that it is possible to master the impossible.

To my previous cell group, Gershon, you have taught me love and openness and patience in people, and being excellent in all things. Jean Wong, your ability to create and see things from a creative perspective is nothing short of colourful inspiration. Yuxin, your dedication and focus taught me to focus on one thing a time, and it’d be very good. Andy and Napalie, your energy and love for God inspires me to do better =). Mavis, it is your love for God and dedication to character that solidified my dedication to character and personal development. You are inspirational. Ah Li (Li Ling), your generosity of patience, support and wisdom has more than once led to a breakthrough in my challenges. Serene Kwek, your dedication to your friends, God and love has inspired me many, many times. Jesmon, your dedication and focus in your journey sustains and inspires me to do better in my business, life and personal development. W328, thank you for your generosity, open acceptance and willingness to love us for who we are. Thank you. To our previous cell groups before that, thank you.

My diploma lecturers and classmates – Lecturer Hua Beng, thank you for your wisdom and knowledge and patience in me. It is you who inspires me to do better as a clinician, a person and as a hand therapist. Lecturer Charmaine Magnus, you have taught me the importance of attention to details, and I thank you for your grace that has been extended to me. Lecturer Jo Hobman, for your wisdom as an experienced lecturer and person, the gardening module has changed the way I view life, to something more nurturing and kind and gracious. Lecturer Michelle Cheng, your knowledge and wisdom inspired me to seek to understand more. Additional lecturers such as Dr Thomas Sim, thank you for your courage, honesty and acceptance; Dr Uma Ravi, who taught us the magic of anatomy and attention to details; Dr Tan Chee Beng and Dr Bryan, you made learning easy and fun. To my classmates in occupational therapy and the short stint of shared class with the physiotherapy students, your support, grace, honesty and openness has made a difference in my learning life with you. Thank you.

My secondary and primary school teachers and friends – To my ever favourite English teacher, Shamala, I will forever cherish the open acceptance, firm teachings and the encouraging of clear and courageous character, and for your wicked humor. My teachers who had taught me in school, thank you for your knowledge, time and wisdom. Ong Horng Shii, your generosity in friendship and acceptance is refreshing. Elvyn Andrew Louise and Lim Kang Kai, your humor is super, it still brings smiles to my heart as it is today. You also have taught me dedication and focus, in the way you have strove for your dreams to be medical professionals. Vinod Nair, your open invitations and always inclusive nature is very heartwarming, and I thank you for that. Your gentleness of character bring calm and peace to me. Khoo Teng Yap, your brilliant mind, wicked humor and attention to details is nothing less than amazing. Your generosity and hospitality will forever be cherished. Ven Jack, your friendship is always fun and memorable, such as the UFO and “that person is scored very high on the *uckability factor”. Kai Shen, you have taught me to focus. Haresh Calais, your generosity of friendship is always remembered. Plus the backroom singing as well. Suresh, your openness, focus, dreams and hopes are inspirational. Jagdeesh, Alvin Devadas, thank you for such fun and wicked humor.

Special friends – Hendri, your support, encouragement, love and dedication not only to your family, yourself and to me, has more than once inspired me, lifted my spirit, encouraged me and helped me to move on and progress through my good times and bad times. You are amazing. Jaydee, your swiftness of agility in life, love and business gives me courage to move and grow myself and the businesses that I run. Site Build It and Ken Evoy, thank you. You had taught me how to overdeliver value to my readers and clients and patrons. Thank you for Site Build It, which had helped me to build a platform that reaches the world. To my ex-girlfriends, thank you for the chance, courage and the experience of loving and nurturing relationships.

You, my Readers – for your support, great readership, feedback, and love. I pray that continues to grow to serve you in your quest and journey of personal development for progressive living.

If I had missed out anyone, please let me know by commenting below. Be blessed, and I am thankful for you too.

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