Take Ownership Of Who You Want To Be Today…And In The Future

It is your life.

It is your story – you may not get to decide who you started with (birth) and when you may die, but you get to choose how you’d like to live the chapters between life and death.

Why would you want anything less than the best?

In order to get what you want, in order to live a life that fulfills you and makes you happy, it’s important to take ownership of who you are today…and who you will be tomorrow.

And if there are things in life not going well then take action on changing them too…not just or only because you deserve better, but the reality is this – you are in full control to change your destination and destiny…but you HAVE to decide to become better, and to raise your standards.

Don’t settle or accept less than what makes YOU feel good about who “you” want/need.

– Take ownership of your thoughts. Your mind is a powerful tool that can either be used to make you happy or unhappy, depending on what it focuses its attention upon…so choose wisely.

– If there are things in life making me feel bad about myself and I don’t want them anymore then take action by changing my circumstances (e.g. change jobs, start exercising).

– Take ownership of my body and what I put into it (eat healthy and nutritious foods and conversely, decrease eating junk and sugary foods) by making sure that the food is nutritious for me to stay energized throughout a busy day.

– If I am not happy with my current situation then take action by changing it. – Take ownership of what’s going on in the world and make a difference! (e,g start volunteering) or do something to change your life for betterment…like taking up an activity that you love doing like playing sports which will help keep you fit and healthy.

– If you are not happy with your current job then take action by changing it! – Take ownership of what’s going on in the world, make a difference…and do something to change for betterment like taking up an activity that will keep me active (e.,g playing sports) which helps stay mentally & physically healthy.

– If you are not happy with your current relationship then take action by changing it. If you’re married, date and flirt with your spouse again. Spend time with your loved ones – make time for them.

If you find yourself stuck in a very toxic job and have a good safety need of income; you can consider changing your job, then do it. It’s not easy but if this is what will make YOU happy and fulfilled in life…then take the leap of faith! You’ll be so much happier with a new career that makes you feel good about yourself as well

– which may mean more money usually (and who doesn’t want THAT!)? 😉 And don’t forget: when we are doing something for ourselves or our family/friends because WE WANT TO DO IT FOR THEM rather than just out obligation….we’re usually better at them anyways 🙂

Don’t forget to take care of yourself too! 🙂 You are worth it. And you deserve the best life has for YOU, just like everyone else does 😉

What are you waiting for? Go out there and take ownership of who YOU want to be today…and in the future.

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