The Wealthiest Place In The World

There are but a few wealthy places in the universe:

#1 God’s Kingdom in Heaven is the very top of the list

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The bible says:

  • He owns everything in the world, the animals, birds, the flowers – everything in the world (Psalm 50)
  • He created the world (Genesis 1)
  • Heaven has gates made of pearl and the streets were of pure gold (Revelation 21:21)
  • Only His Son, Jesus Christ, can bring true salvation to us

John 14:6 Amplified Bible (AMP) – Jesus said to him, “[a]I am the [only] Way [to God] and the [real] Truth and the [real] Life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.

And that is true pricelessness.

#2 Our Mind, Heart & Spirit

We are created in the likeness, image and spirit of God, the Ultimate Architect and Creator, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He created everything in the world and universe, and because we are made in His image, we too share the same ability:

To imagine, visualize, create, to bring things to pass

We are able to bring whatever we want to pass – all we need is to believe, do and repeat until we get there.

person holding brown stone with believe print

What our mind can conceive, we can achieve, and this was shared by Walt Disney. It is just slightly lower than God’s ultimate, because God can speak and it’s immediately done (refer to Genesis, where God spoke the word, and it came to pass; and Jesus, where He speaks healing to people, set captives free, killing the barren olive plant etc).

Our ability to create has different tiers.

  1. Lower and simple tiers, we can do things here and now. An example is wanting to eat something, and we can cook/buy it on the spot. This is simple low hanging fruits, and don’t require much effort or faith.
  2. Middle-level involves things that are slight stretch, but still reachable goals with more time involvement. An example is wanting to save say $1000, get a promotion – things that are just slightly more difficult than simple tiers, taking more time and effort, but usually can be achieved in less than 6 months to a year.
  3. Higher-level creation may is slightly more complex. It may involve multiple individuals, and takes more time, between 1 year or more. It can be saving $10,000 or more, losing/gaining 5-10 kgs of weight, starting your own business, publishing your own books etc
  4. Ultimate-level creations will be complex to very complex goals, involving groups of individuals/companies, and taking a lot more concerted cooperation and communication, and may take 3-5 or more years. It can be development projects that cost 7-10 figures, getting a spouse, etc.

These are the simplified Tiers Of Creation that we all have the innate ability to create.

#3 The Graveyard

grayscale photography of cemetery

Third on the list of the wealthiest place on earth, is the graveyard.

A little morbid, but it’s true. Point #3 is basically and extension of #2, where we have so much potential and ability to create…but what happens is that so many of us,

  • get/are too busy to do what is truly inside of us
  • get/are too scared to do what is truly inside of us
  • get/are too scarred to do what is truly inside of us

And the “truly inside of us” thing?

To me, it refers to our

  • Inner Greatness
  • Inner Genius
  • Book/Song/Creation Inside

We all have our inner greatness, genius, book, song, teachings – whatever that God had placed in our hearts, souls and minds.

But many fail to do. Many forget who they are and these inner greatness and inner genius.

Let’s not live like that.

Let’s not live in fear.

Yes, I get that we have to put roof over our head, and food on the table.

Yes, we need to live.

But we cannot live like animals or mindless creatures. And neither can we live in darkness by lying, killing, cheating one another (like how I’d come across individuals and organizations who had lied and manipulated us to get what they want, even to the point of rewriting history).

Today, choose life and choose to improve yourself and your life.

  • Call your loved ones to tell them you’re thinking of them, and if there’s anyone you hadn’t spoken to because of distance or argument, call them. Tell them you thought about them and you wish them well. Do this now.
  • Forgive yourself for all the mistakes you had made before. It’s ok, that’s how we learn isn’t it? What’s more important is we don’t continue to make the same mistakes.
  • Stop complaining and stop watching television or netflix.
  • Save at least 25% of your take home salary. Put it into a high-interest bank account with no debit/ATM card, and let it accumulate. If you don’t have a job, focus on getting a job first.
  • Learn to build a profitable business on the internet. I’m an active member at Wealthy Affiliate and what’s good about it is that you can sign up for free to learn. Their free program is free forever, no credit card required. Read my Wealthy Affiliate Review here.
  • Walk for at least 60 minutes a day, by stopping further from work and home. Drink 8 glasses of plain water daily. Read a book a week.
  • Be kind and do good, with at least a random act of kindness daily.

And see how your life and happiness start to grow =)

Don’t Waste Time

round Timex analog clock at 2:33

With the recent message sent to me by a close friend of his wife’s passing and returning home to the Lord, it’s so heart breaking, and it kicks me in my ass that we cannot waste time.

Time is a constant progressive modifier, and we get older by the second, minute, hour, day. And it never stops. Hence my mind and heart was reminded of when I lost my dad in 2014. That was when I know that life is frail and finite, and we cannot waste time.

It’s ticking away, tick-tock, tick-tock.

And that’s why I decided to not waste time on organizations, individuals and causes that isn’t aligned with my purpose and future, and they need to be culled away.

A side benefit of that, is that has increased my happiness and joy at least two-fold, because when we don’t have to deal with things that aren’t important, there’s less drag and time wastage, and directly decreases frustrations for me. When I fired the toxic organizations and individuals, I am so much happier hahaha!

And to expound upon that – time, is a finite, progressive resource – and we are but individuals in an ongoing timeline. Some of us live to 100+ years old, some meet the Lord at 12 years old, some were stillborn.

As we are here, right now, take a deep breath, and see for ourselves, clearly.

  1. Who we are and who we want to be.
  2. Where we are and where we want to be.

I know when God called me to move on like how He called Abraham, that He has something in store for me and to not look back, I have to follow and heed His call. I don’t want to live a life of regret of “what-ifs” – I go. And this isn’t the first time that God has called me and pointed me in a direction.

I trust in Him, He doesn’t shortchange me, though sometimes I feel like I’m dying from the pain or fatigue. But He hadn’t forsaken me, if anything, He has proven time and time again that He provides, and He loves me.

Friends, do not waste time. Seek the Lord and His plans and purposes for you, and heed His call.

Psalm 23:2 You let me rest in fields of green grass. You lead me to streams of peaceful water

Today, if you’re already where you want to be, great. Keep staying in His presence.

If you’re struggling with finance, take a look at my article on Passive Income Lifestyle Blueprint. Follow the guidelines there and modify however it suits you. Spend time with people you love and care for. Hug your kids and spouse, your parents – tell them you love them, even if they already know. Give thanks to the Lord for all that you have, and all you have lost, and all you will come to gain/contact.

Life is short and frail, but long enough if you use it well enough.

This is the reason why I started a business, so that I can not only earn more, but more importantly, to free up my time so I can spend more time with people I love and care about, and also show them a better way of life. Tolerating a mediocre life with long hours at work politicking and hustling isn’t something that’s for me. I believe in doing good work, being/creating good working environment, and being paid well for it AND being free.

If that’s you as well, swing by my Wealthy Affiliate profile and get a free account, and learn to build a profitable online side business. It’s a portable skill that belongs to you and you can take it wherever you want to.

Don’t waste your time by just browsing Netflix and doing things that aren’t useful or inline with your purpose, goals and dream. Come, let’s progress together.

Time is still ticking, tick-tock.

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To add, it’s

  1. Totally free and you have two (2) websites =)
  2. It’s fast and based on WordPress (WordPress is one the most popular content management systems in the world)
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It’s so easy to start, just 3 steps involved:

It’s part of the free valuable service offerings by Wealthy Affiliate of which I’m happy to introduce Wealthy Affiliate to you, which you can try for free (there is a forever-free membership version) and you can opt to upgrade to a premium member of USD 359 per year. I think you can try the free version first, and have a feel of it.

SiteRubix website platform was built by Wealthy Affiliate

It sounds sexy and easy, but it’s real work – you’ve got to do your research, find out who your customers/clients are, and work diligently to serve and bring them value.

It’s building an actual business that provides value for customers, and there is a learning curve. Most of the time, it takes about 6 months to 18 months to earn your first dollar, but done well, it can replace your income, your boss and give you options and flexibility.

It just takes a lot of work at least in the beginning.

I recently ported all my domains and online sites to them because

  • sites with them are very fast
  • it’s easier to have everything in one platform
  • they have very fast and good support
  • they have very supportive like-minded network/peers (important for mastermind and growth)
  • and most important, they have a strong university/teaching to help you earn your first $1000 online.

Learn How To Make Your 1st Online Business And First $1000 Online Using WordPress

Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005, and I’ve been a member since 2015 – I have had a roller-coaster experience in the earlier stage and especially with comparing with Solo Build It (below, and see the comparison), but I’ve since come to the conclusion that:

Best of all, there is a free-for-life basic membership option, sign up for free here, no credit card required – see you on the inside. My profile on Wealthy Affiliate is nigelchua (my name of course haha)

Heck It, I’m Gonna Write BOTH

Both refers to:

  1. Passive Income Freedom Lifestyle Entrepreneurship
  2. Growth+Mastery Mindset & Habits

Passive Income Freedom Lifestyle Entrepreneurship

I added the word “Freedom” in, which to me, refers moreso to the flexibility, freedom and options associated with surplus of passive income, and it’s one of the core focus I have, which is to build a lifestyle that has flexibility and freedom, funded by passive income entrepreneurship. Of course, by providing solid value to clients.

Entrepreneurship, both physical (offline, real world) and online/internet businesses is to me, the #1 approach to build more income that can and will help me build a passive income freedom.

Here in this topic I will write and cover all about offline and online business, including:

  • Freelancing
    • How to start a side business of freelancing and earn extra income immediately
    • How to get more quality and high-value clients
    • And how to progress to physical business but I recommend moreso to…
  • Build online businesses that we care about that delivers good value to clients and get paid well. This will cover
    • Affiliate marketing and kindle ebook publishing
  • A small section will be dedicated to passive income investing, where one can invest into different passive income vehicles and instruments including income stocks and index funds; as well as “retiring early but sort off”

The other section, is the Growth+Mastery Mindset & Habits, is the other side of the coin.

There is no way anyone can become successful, build passive income lifestyle freedom, be productive, be happy – whatever it is, without a sound working framework of Growth+Mastery Mindset & Habits, there will be no success or passive income. The reason for this is that success isn’t sudden avalanche or luck – it’s built on layers and layers on small success on things that matter.

It’s the growth, mindset, tenacity, persistence, personal development and habits that embodies them that allows us to achieve all the dreams we have about our best life or best business or best spouse or best family – whatever we can think of.

If you can dream it, you can do it – Walt Disney

I took a walk back to memory lane to reminisce, recall and remember where I came from:

  • Remembering that 12 years ago today (2008), I pulled the plug and quit my job to start my freelancing journey as a locum occupational therapist, leading me to instantly increase my total take home from $2000 a month to $4800, and at the same time, I actually work less (from 50+ hours a week to 40-44 hours a week) due to less admin and I was instantly happier due to less politics and more straightforward approach to work
  • Realizing that I had spent tens of thousands of dollars to learn and improve and optimize my understanding and game of freelancing, therapy business, and then onto online business, kindle publishing, their tools, books and passive income streams (the passive income lifestyle)
  • Remembering that one of my biggest pain points is that I HAVE to be away from my kids for a good 8-10 hours for 6 days a week. This one typically hurts me the most. And worse is that I am actually perpetuating this problem because the more I do this, the more my kids will believe and think that that is entirely normal. And I don’t want that

So that’s why based on the culmination of my experiences, past, looking at where I am today, and where I want to go and be in the future, I choose:

  1. Passive Income Freedom Lifestyle Entrepreneurship
  2. Growth+Mastery Mindset & Habits

Freelance First

I still believe in the world of offline business and freelancing, which is where I started my entire business journey, and from there, I kept leveling up to start a physical business location, failing for 3x until my fourth physiotherapy and hand clinic started to make good sustainable profits – that’s why I believe for anyone who is struggling with money and their life right now, they need to first earn more, by freelancing.

Then with the income and savings from freelancing, you will have more options, which is either to quit your job / fire your boss to freelance more or to start an offline physical business location but I prefer for you to have a stable job + side income AND then take the side income to pay off whatever you need to pay off, and take some money to learn how to build an online business (the direction I’m headed and taking).

You see, I believe in online businesses and the internet, because

Online and internet businesses are the way of the future.

Look at companies like:

  • Amazon – purely online
  • Uber / Lyft / Grab – purely online (Grab’s moving offline too)
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Shoppee
  • Lazada

…and a whole slew of them. It’s the way of the future. Even if it’s not, I want it to be MY and YOUR way of the future. Other benefits including and most importantly to me, is that I can spend time with people, projects and causes that I care about.

Which of course, will include my beloved wife and kiddos and projects such as Phoenix Rehab, family etc.

That’s one of my strongests “whys” ie my personal reasons to do well and have more time with them (and to have them in the first place, as it’s kinda tough to have families and kids when one has little to no money).

I don’t know bout you, but I do think we may have similar interests, and if you want to free yourself and your time more, then you will also have to consider to start an online business to supplement your income and ideally, free up yourself from vicious politics and 10-14 hours grueling work days, away from stuff and loved ones that truly matter.

I’m happy to introduce Wealthy Affiliate to you, which you can try for free (there is a forever-free membership version) and you can opt to upgrade to a premium member of USD 359 per year. I think you can try the free version first, and have a feel of it.

It sounds sexy and easy, but it’s work. It’s building an actual business that provides value for customers, and there is a learning curve. Most of the time, it takes about 6 months to 18 months to earn your first dollar, but done well, it can replace your income, your boss and give you options and flexibility. It just takes a lot of work at least in the beginning.

I recently ported all my domains and online sites to them because

  • sites with them are very fast
  • it’s easier to have everything in one platform
  • they have very fast and good support
  • they have very supportive like-minded network/peers (important for mastermind and growth)
  • and most important, they have a strong university/teaching to help you earn your first $1000 online.

Learn How To Make Your 1st Online Business And First $1000 Online Using WordPress

Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005, and I’ve been a member since 2015 – I have had a roller-coaster experience in the earlier stage and especially with comparing with Solo Build It (below, and see the comparison), but I’ve since come to the conclusion that:

Best of all, there is a free-for-life basic membership option, sign up for free here, no credit card required – see you on the inside. My profile on Wealthy Affiliate is nigelchua (my name of course haha)

Make money online Singapore for free

nigelchua family

To begin building and living the passive income lifestyle, unless you already have a lot of cash reserves to invest in dividend stocks,

I recommend you to learn how to build Passive Income Internet Businesses (PIIB) on the side, and build up multiple streams of online passive income first without quitting your job.

Quit only when your PIIB income has reached/surpassed your day job, but even that is optional. And that brings me to:

A Review Of Wealthy Affiliate University

I chanced upon Wealthy Affiliate (create a free-for-life Wealthy Affiliate account here) quite some time back, around 2011, and even then I dismissed it because I was heavily reliant on another program then, called Site Build It (SBI) that worked very, very well, going on to becoming a 6-figure lead generation website for my private physiotherapy business in Singapore.

SBI is great for very static, authoritative websites for brick and mortar professional companies in my opinion, but Wealthy Affiliate carries its own weight in the online business and entrepreneurship world.

The program has evolved and grown a lot since then, and you can check it out completely free. The starter account is $0, with no catch, and no credit card required – so you can take your time to try  and then decide if it’s right for you without risking a single cent of your hard earned money.

I’m pretty sure that you would agree that losing money and being scammed or cheated is really a terrible experience – I’ve lost and wasted more than $25,000 during my journey to find out ways to make money online and earn money from home, legitimately, and doing things I love.

Unfortunately for me, I bought many hyped-up products that I came across, been cheated by “gurus” that promised to make me rich. And as an obvious result, I because very cautious, negative and even cynical of the whole idea of making money on the internet.

This is why when I found Wealthy Affiliate, it was actually at the back of my mind that “this is the last one to try” because frankly…I’m upset, disappointed and embarrassed to keep showing my wife and family how I keep getting cheated, scammed and lied to of my hard-earned monies.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

So whenever I share with someone about WA, I almost always start by saying that it’s not a money-making-scheme, it’s not an easy passive way to becoming rich and neither is it a pyramid scam.

Wealthy Affiliate University is first and foremost an online business community as well as a marketing centre. Please, if you think you will start minting/making/printing money by simply joining WA – think again, OR just walk away – it doesn’t work that way.

This is likely the biggest difference between Wealthy Affiliate and all the other make money online programs – WA doesn’t sell hype and false promises; WA doesn’t promise to make you rich with a few clicks or overnight, and they definitely don’t promise you a shortcut to overnight thousands of dollars.

And I’m glad for that.

They instead promise to teach, train, educate, support and show you how to build your online business. If you are willing to start, learn, refine, grow and run a successful business, please keep reading.
wealthy affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Pros VS Cons


  • Very Clear Action Plan
  • Different levels of training based on your experience – Beginner and Advanced
  • Video training provided, including Step-by-step Tutorials and Courses
  • 10,000’s of community members
  • 10+ Full, Interactive Classrooms with tasks to complete
  • Live & Interactive Help from WA members, ambassadors, owners and expert members
  • 2 Free Easy-to-Build Websites (you will also learn what to do with these sites)
  • State of the Art Hosting and more importantly to me, strong defenses against hackers/spammers
  • A strict spam free environment (it is not allowed to advertise/sell within WA; great as warning to spammers who want to join WA just to sell something to other members)
  • No up-sells, ever. (except Premium, of course)
  • $0 Membership. Yes, completely FREE! (Basic membership)


  • Too much information in the beginning that can be overwhelming
  • I notice that it is very easy and addictive to spend time on Live Chat
  • Starter membership is great but you’ll have to upgrade to premium in order to access advanced training

A Better Question: Is Wealthy Affiliate For You?

Wealthy Affiliate is not for everyone – since 2005, they have been teaching individuals with success how to build an online business, how to grow and expand businesses and how to level up their businesses.

In a nutshell, it teaches you marketing. BUT if you aren’t open, keen or willing to learn and take action, then the whole idea of making money online isn’t suitable for you.

In that case, who then can really benefit from this program? Generally, they are individuals or groups/organizations who wants to make an extra income to supplement their salary or support their causes.

These people include:

  • Stay at home moms (SAHMs) who have some free time and are willing to spend it in front of the computer.
  • Students who want to make money to help them pay for their tuition, and some college students has built 6-figure businesses from their dorm, using Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Business owners who want to get more visibility and leads online.
  • Retirees who have free time and want to supplement their pension or who would like to continuously learn, reach out to help others and connect with like-minded people
  • People who are fed up of their 9-to-5 jobs and want to start their own business. Many Wealthy Affiliate members have been able to quit their “day job” to do online marketing full time.On the flip side, there are also many WA members who have “made it online” but still keep their day job at a much lower stress level, and to purely enjoy the work and connection with people at the workplace – more options and fun.

As you can tell, WA is good choice for everyone who is seeking to earn money from home, BUT you must understand that you will have to invest your time and effort to learn, execute, refine, test and keep taking action in order to make it work.

This program will teach you HOW TO BUILD a business – and like any business, online or offline, it requires a solid and consistent investment of time, effort and usually money.

The big difference between starting an online business instead of a traditional brick and mortar business is that you do not need much start-up capital to get started online.

This really hits home because for my physical business today, my monthly expenditures are about S$60,000+ per month (ok, my business is bit larger than a small start up), but the difference is staggering, and the online world gives you global reach and global customers, unlike mine which is very limited geographically.

You do not even need any money to join Wealthy Affiliate, the basic free membership gives you all you need to get started: including 2 free hosted websites, training and all the support you need. What Exactly Do You Get Inside? Wealthy Affiliate only costs $49/month. Update: Wealthy Affiliate is now FREE to join!

wealthy affiliate membership grid
Wealthy Affiliate has two (2) different membership levels: the basic and the premium.

This is really good because you can join first without spending a single penny, look around, meet and connect with some people, create your own 2 free websites (hosting included) and see how it goes.

Then and only then, if you love it like I do – you decide to join Premium for even more benefits or you can still stick to building an online business using your free starter membership, with no strings attached.

This alone makes WA so much better than any other make money online programs or opportunities – there is no risk of losing money to something that might not work.

You don’t even need your credit card and still get a free membership!

>> Sign up for the free basic Wealthy Affiliate membership account here <<

What you get with your 0$ starter membership:

  • Instant access to over 500 training modules
  • 2 free websites along with free hosting
  • Access to 3 classrooms
  • Live support from the owners for the first 7 days and support from many experts inside WA!
  • 30 keyword searches a month
  • Phase 1 of the Boot camp course, teaching you how to build an authority website.

On the upside, what you get with your Premium membership:

  • Live Video Classes
  • Instant access to over 500 training modules
  • Unlimited free websites along with free hosting (great cost savings)
  • Website Backup and Website Security Package (important to me)
  • Access to all 12 classrooms
  • Unlimited Live support from the owners and support from many experts inside WA!
  • Unlimited keyword searches
  • All phases of the Boot camp course
  • 100% higher commissions.
  • Private access to my support.
  • … and much much more!

>> Sign up for the free basic Wealthy Affiliate membership account here <<

To me, the most valuable and important benefits of Wealthy Affiliate University, is really the step-by-step approach to building an online business from the group up, the support from Kyle, Carson and many expert members.

Sadly, most of the other online programs lack the support and the clear action plan (even sadder is that many of them claim to have support but when I email them, I only hear crickets – meaning nothing back. Feels like I’m just a number to those scams).

I have tested dozens of different programs since 2003 and nothing comes close to the quality of WA.

Overall This Training Ranks At A Very Respectable 98%. Most Paid Programs Can’t Even Reach Or Offer That Amount Of Value But Here In WA: You Can Get It Without Spending A Dime.

Training 98% + Support 96% + Value 100% = Overall 98% Score


Wealthy Affiliate Earning Potential

The next question from new WA members and people who hadn’t joined yet:

What is the earning potential with Wealthy Affiliate?

How much money can I really make in a year?

Unfortunately for you, there is no real specifics to this question, because truly it’s open ended. Some make a few dollars here and there, some make $1,000+ per month, and some reach the six and even seven figures – it depends on your niche, industry and the amount effort and consistency you put in.

The amount of money you can earn is 100% directly related to what you do, how you do it and how consistent you are with your action plans. The ones who are highly successful all have one thing in common:

Follow the Wealthy Affiliate training to the dot and keep taking massive consistent action.

Yes, learning how to do something is super but you need to apply the knowledge and actually build the online business to actually start earning – the knowledge is a good start, but how many of us know that action is what brings home the bacon and get things done.

Go through the WA training and build your online business the way WA teaches you and don’t deviate or get distracted, and I don’t see why you can’t make $12,000 your first year (that’s $1,000 per month in extra pocket money), and double that amount every year.

Sadly, why most beginner internet marketers fail online is because they either:

  • do not follow an action plan
  • get distracted and deviated by the next shiny program/product that promises $$$$ overnight
  • do not take enough action
  • do not take enough action consistently and patiently

Wealthy Affiliate will help you with all of the above: Provide you with a realistic plan of action, courses that you need to follow and tasks you need to complete. Stay focused and you will be successful.

Make Money Doing What You Love

Even though Wealthy Affiliate will teach you different marketing strategies that are very helpful for any kind of online business, they do focus and concentrate much on affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing means that you get paid a commission whenever someone buys a product that you recommend, and most of the time, it’s someone else’ product. Most companies offer affiliate programs (think Amazon, eBay, Target, Airlines companies, credit card companies, etc.).

As more and more people start to buy things online instead of going to traditional stores (for obvious reasons) it’s makes sense to get involved and claim your share of these online sales.

What I always liked about Wealthy Affiliate is that they encourage you to do what you love – this makes running and growing a business a lot more fun and profitable.
wealthy affiliate
For example, say you’re like me, and you like natural health supplements (or gardening or playing games) and you make a website on natural health supplements that help people make a purchasing decision.

If you like gardening, you can start a website that talks about gardening tools, sheds, DIY, how to make your garden better.

On these websites, you can tell people about all those super products and tell them where they can buy those products (be it from Amazon, Target etc), and whenever these people buy the products through your link, you get a commission (affiliate marketing in a nutshell).

You don’t have to deal with inventory, shipping, payments, customer service – all you do is to connect people to find the products they want/need and you get rewarded by the merchant for it who loves you because you find them customers at a paid-for-performance basis – EVERYONE WINS!

This is single handedly my favorite way of business offline and online.

Ok, please don’t read the words above and start saying that it’s too difficult, or too foreign, or what – Wealthy Affiliate WILL PROVIDE you step by step details that you need to know to do all of this properly.

Again, its a follow the step-by-step training and ask questions whenever you’re unsure – the WA community is always there to help.

>> Sign up for the free basic Wealthy Affiliate membership account here <<

Wealthy Affiliate Keeps Me (And You) Updated

Earlier I mentioned that I run a private physiotherapy practice in Singapore since 2008, and one of the most important things that specialist physiotherapists needs to do is to keep updated, and this process is called “Continuous Professional Development (CPD)” and “Evidence-Based Practice (EBP)”.

Update Edit: I am currently on sabbatical to spend time with children and family, focusing on publishing, having sold all my shares/the business.

Likewise, a big benefit of Wealthy Affiliate University is that they stay updated and keep refining and growing. You see, the online world changes very, very fast. Kyle and Carson are very good and talented at keeping up with these updates and providing the most recent news, and updated strategies that work.

Research any successful millionaire/billionaire entrepreneurs and you will find that they constantly learn new things.

They attend seminars, hire coaches, read books, meet experts in their field – they stay updated and learn something new every single day. Every timeI login to my Wealthy Affiliate account, I learn something new.

Perhaps this will be the reason I am still a member and still excited every time I log into my account.


Wealthy Affiliate Community And Support

Wealthy Affiliate community is something that I really respect and appreciate, and also something other programs fail to provide.

If you find yourself struggling with anything, most of the time many members who are live will be able to help you instantly in the WA Live Chat and even through your sharing in WA.

What I like even more is that people share their experiences, ideas and breakthroughs – this is invaluable, and is similar to being in a mastermind group where you can listen to these experiences to teach and motivate you, you can learn from others’ mistakes as well as discuss and brainstorm with others.

Whenever I need an opinion or input on a challenge or new website or article I am working on, WA members are always there to share their opinions, and very fast.

Even when I first joined, the way the community welcomed me – this is out of the world – the whole feel of such an active community is truly amazing and Wealth Affiliate is by far the only place where I have experienced this.

There are many, many online forums and programs out that that discusses the topic of making money online and online businesses, but you may have personally experienced or seen when someone ask a seemingly “simple newbie” question, they may get shot/flamed with:

  • hey, that question has been asked many times before, google it
  • you’re ______
  • and many more

You will not get this kinds of replies on Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is a learning center so they pride themselves on there are no stupid questions, and that every question is important and people will try to answer it as well and thorough as they can.

BUT of course if you do not feel comfortable asking a question (really, don’t be shy, just ask – and be amazed by their thoughtfulness and hospitality) instead you could also simply look through the resources and questions other people asked – I can almost guarantee you will find your answer within minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Wealthy Affiliate

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Wealthy Affiliate and their answers, and if you’ve got a question please don’t be shy or afraid to ask using the comment form below and I’ll add it to the FAQ.

Q: I am not very technical/tech-savvy and I’ve never built a website. Can I still use Wealthy Affiliate?

A: Of course! One of the greatest things about Wealthy Affiliate is the fact that it’s built with people like yourself. Every single step of online business building is explained with specifics and details, as well as with both text and video tutorials. This training makes Wealthy Affiliate very easy to use even for complete beginners.

>> Sign up for the free basic Wealthy Affiliate membership account here <<

Q: Do I have to promote Wealthy Affiliate to Make Money?

A: Nope, you don’t. And though Wealthy Affiliate does have an amazing affiliate program but you don’t need to to promote it to make money. Instead, WA teaches you how to setup a real and profitable online business where you can market/sell any service or products that you like or can find.

The WA affiliate program can be taken as optional program if you love WA, but WA doesn’t force you to push friends and family into being your clients or downline, rest assured.

Q: I don’t have any products to sell. How can Wealthy Affiliate help me?

A: So Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to build on online business, and you can choose the route of selling your own products and services OR you can opt to sell other people’s services and products, and this is known as affiliate marketing.

You can partner with giants such as Lazada, Amazon, Target and many other companies to earn commissions on products that they already have/sell.

Q: Ok, so Wealthy Affiliate is Free to join BUT what’s the catch?

A: Yup, it’s fair to be cautious and skeptical when you’re offered/given something valuable for free. So the catch when it comes to Wealthy Affiliate is that the free membership is a basic membership program that gives you access to a limited part of WA, and in order to get more advanced training, you will have to upgrade to premium membership – that’s the catch.

I do recommend you start with the free membership program so that you can have a feel of this WA platform, connect with other WA users, start up to 2 free hosted websites and then decide if you wanna stay basic/free member or upgrade to premium. Free membership is enough to start an online business.

>> Sign up for the free basic Wealthy Affiliate membership account here <<

Q: What if I build my websites with WA and then decide to leave, will I lose my websites?

A: Nope – you get to keep your websites for as long as you want. Yes, this is a good question and a common fear BECAUSE many online programs don’t allow you to take your website with you if you decide to leave them.

Wealthy Affiliate will never take your website away from you even if you cancel your membership. In fact, you will be given a full 30 days after cancellation to transfer your websites to whichever webhost you prefer

Q: How long would it take to start making money online

A: We all ask this question, and unfortunately there is no real answer to it because truly there are so many variables that it’s very very difficult to estimate the timeline of success.

Much of it depends on your commitment/work ethics, you taking consistent massive action, the industry (or niche) your business is in, the amount of effort you’re willing to put in as well as many other factors.

I have seen people start making money with their online business in their first week, I have seen many others who took 6 to 18 months to see their first sale.

Q: Why is Wealthy Affiliate not available in my country?

A: Wealthy Affiliate Premium is available to everyone in every country. This being said, Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership is not available to 4 countries at the moment: India, Nigeria, Philippines and Pakistan.

I’m sorry I do not have the details why and how this decision was made, but if you live in one of these 4 countries you can still join WA premium membership anytime.

>> Sign up for the free basic Wealthy Affiliate membership account here <<

Q: Does Wealthy Affiliate work in Canada?

A: Yes, definitely. In fact, it works in every country (I’m in Singapore, and works well in Singapore and Asia too). WA is a learning platform teaching you how to build an online business, and as long as you have access to internet you can start building your own business.

Q: How do I know Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam?

A: Yes, much of the online business and internet marketing world has earned itself quite a bad, negative and scammy reputation – I was scammed and cheated many times too =(

This happens because of conmen/scammers who cheat people by promising to reveal a secret shortcut/technique/whatever lies to earns thousands and millions of dollars for a simple fee of $47, $97, $197, $1497 or more. As I’ve shared in my blogs and teachings, there is no quick way to riches.

What makes WA very strong is because of their free starter membership program which you can access limited part of WA training but it’s definitely more than enough to show you the high quality value you will get inside, without risking a single cent of your hard-earned money.

The simple fact of that people can try for free and people staying for 5+ years as members eliminates any possibility of Wealthy Affiliate being a scam.

>> Sign up for the free basic Wealthy Affiliate membership account here <<

Q: I am trying to create a starter account on Wealthy Affiliate but it’s telling me I already have one.

Hmm – there could be several reasons for this error.

  1. Did you create an account with them but had forgotten?
  2. Someone may have created an account using your email?
  3. Someone may have created an account using a computer in your house/IP, leading to Wealthy Affiliate thinking its from the same IP hence duplicate

Please contact WA support as they’d be the best people to ask for this.

Wealthy Affiliate Negative Reviews And Complaints

Ok, if you spend much time researching Wealthy Affiliate, you possibly will find that there is very little to no bad/negative reviews about WA online.

Interestingly, if you think about it, whenever any customers are unhappy, where is the place they go to complain and rant? Yup, online. This is true for any industry and most definitely for online training programs.

To date, more than 100,000 people have joined Wealthy Affiliate since 2005, and from the lack of rants and complaints about WA, it is fairly safe to say that most of them are quite happy with WA and what WA has to offer.

This is why it’s very hard to impossible to find any bad rants, reviews or press about WA online.

In fact, WA members are openly welcomed to review the program, unlike MLM companies that forces MLM members to sign non-disclosure and nothing MLM is allowed to go online…meaning that these unhappy MLM people are legally disallowed to publicly review the MLM company and expose their bad practices.

This being said, I actually manage to find some complaints about WA:

  • very detailed + informative can lead to information overload/overwhelm
  • basic members only get 7 days of live support
  • members being too preoccupied with WA rankings
  • some countries cannot enjoy the free starter membership program

These being said, are not large deal-breaking issues and to me, the focus is “Does WA does what it said it’d do? The success stories speak for themselves” – and that’s all that matters to me.

I also disclose that I will receive a small affiliate commission if someone decides to join WA premium using my affiliate link. There is no monetary compensation for basic membership.

I often share with people that they are free to join WA without using my link but they are encouraged to use my link if they like and benefited from my review and the effort that I put into explaining what WA is and does.

If someone for some reason don’t think I deserve being compensated, they can join directly through WA main site without going through my links.

>> Sign up for the free basic Wealthy Affiliate membership account here <<