Can Tipsycoin project go up 500%?

In full disclosure, I speculate and own $tipsycoin, which is a blockchain NFT gaming project that started from my home base in Singapore. I’ve met the founder too, so it’s not a project whom I do not know the founder / team, that’d make the project a little closer to my heart.

Dont get me wrong, blockchain projects are still risky and speculative, so it may go belly up….BUT I’m holding onto my $tipsycoins and let it run to as high as possible.

This project is a low cap token project that I’m betting on.

The original project started using minecraft, but now they’re working on a larger world project, called Gates of Abyss, which is a location based RPG game. Kinda like pokemon and a couple of other games I had played before, and it’s both nice and interesting, because it’s geographical and communal.

Stake for $gin

If you have bought sufficient $tipsycoins, you can also stake them for $gin dollars, which is used in the Gates of Abyss games to buy equipment, upgrade stuff…and get this: you can use it to also cash out to real world dollars and trade them for cryptocurrency, which is nice to have.

Key for success

The key for them to work, revolves around one key point: stickiness, replayability and community; which in one word, is about having players come on board, stick around and play again and again. If they can do that, then the project would have higher chance of success.

Check their price here on coingecko. Their current price is $0.00004655, and even if they 500x, that’s “only” $0.023275 for one $tipsycoin. Quite modest to only need to aim for 2.3c for 500x. 

Some nice tokenomics:

  • max supply of 100 billion $tipsycpons, and no more will ever be created
  • sell-only tax of 10%, of which 4% goes back to existing holders, 4% buyback for the tipsyvault and 2% to fund the project (ie free passive tokens for you whenever someone sells)
  • limited buy-sell transaction of max 500 million per transaction, to prevent whales from eating up all the supply