My best (and lucky) crypto decisions 2022

Other than the few bad crypto regrets and worst decisions I had, I also have had a few lucky crypto streaks

Early to Cardano (ADA) & Stellar Lumen (XLM)

I chanced upon both Cardano and Stellar Lumen, and entered some mild amounts into them. In about a week, my small investment increased like mad, it went 65X!

I sold them both off and took out some good profits (which I lost some to damn trash qash), but I would never forget how that surge of price value made me feel so damn good.

Forgot about crypto for 2 years

We had gone through some hard times for about 18 months, and of which, I had totally forgotten about my crypto holdings for close to two whole years as we did our best to lick our wounds and to survive.

After that, I remembered crypto again and went back to my portfolios, and because I had forgotten them, it was such a nice thing “finding/rediscovering” portfolios here-and-there which had increased in value since.

Note to self: best way to invest is to buy and then forget it, come back a couple of years later

Introduced to crypto by my best friend

My best friend introduced me to this world of crypto first entering into NAV coin. I also bought the raspberry pi to become a validator and struggled with coding it (eventually worked); but eventually we sold off our NAV coins.

I went deeper into the crypto rabbit hole since, thanks man. I appreciate it.

Bonus: Taking crypto profits

At the end of 2021, as BTC bitcoin hit a high of $69,000, I felt that it was time to cash out some of my profits.

It was a sort of hard decision, the FOMO was real. I felt that if I took out some amounts from investment, I’d lose out on more profits. But…this time, it was a nice sort of peace that came over me.

I did it anyway – took out 60% of my principle amount, with a good amount still invested (?speculated) for the next bull run. It’s a nice feeling now that a good chunk is out, there is a clear decrease in stress and fear about losing the entire portfolio.

And I used that amount as downpayment to buy a home our family needs to live in anyway, so that’s good too.