My worst crypto decisions that I regret =(

Crypto…has been a bittersweet journey for me, ever since I started speculating in it in 2017. Other than wishing I had bought BTC back in 2009…here’s a few regrets that stand out.

Qash failure

This is one of my biggest painpoints, and I poured a large amount of my limited funding into this token issued by Quoinex. It has a large team, went very big into regulation and wanted to created a “world book” that will connect traditional finance (TradFi) to crypto world.

Ah, being smoked sucks.

Qash the trash, died a slow death, and finally got acquired by FTX.

Missed BNB entire

I bought a few different exchange tokens during that time, including Qash, another in Singapore. I decided to skip binance platform (and its token) because it’s much harder to use than Bittrex. It was about $2-5 per coin, and I decided it was also too expensive.

Oh, was a stupid, expensive lesson, especially when you see BNB going up to the high of $600. Ugh, the pain.

Rugpulls aplenty

There were lots of rugpulls and scams then, much more than now, and it was truly a wild wild west. This is so common, it’s like happening left right center. ICOs ran aplenty with literally zero regulations, so there was a lot of money lost then.

Even then, it wasn’t as painful as the two examples I gave above. Those were very personal and hurt me bad.

I hope you never get hurted like me in crypto.