Get your stuff to pay for your lifestyle???

Let me show you a typical example.

  1. John Doe, who earns $4000/month. He spends it all with some 5% savings, and he’s pretty happy of his progress. It’s not shabby, and he’s content. In a good month, he can save more, around 10%. In about 10 years, he’s socked away some $24,000.
  2. Jane Doe, who also earns $4000 a month. She decides to save a little more so she can invest 30% of her income every month into dividend stocks. She follows some of the tricks of the trade I share here in In 10 years, assuming the dividend stocks pay out average 7% per year and she reinvests every single dividend, she’d have $241,210.81. That’s already 10X of John. 7% per year on this means if she stops working, she’d continue to receive $16,884.7567 per year in dividend.

Which sounds sexier?

I dont know bout you, but I really really like #2’s approach better.

I can budget to spend at least 50% of my dividends on frivolous purchases, and reinvest the difference.

Maybe even take some of the dividends to start an online business.