Smart money tactics to get rich quicker

If you dont have a plan for your money, you’d become broke.

And that’s precisely what happened to me, because I lived on whim and spent on whim, so there’s always not enough and too much month to live on my last couple of bucks, until I learnt this concept of money tactics.

In a nutshell, whenever any money comes into my accounts, they’re immediately segmented and divided into specific use departments, for example

  1. Investment 10%
  2. Mortgage / rental 20%
  3. Savings 10%
  4. Utilities 10%
  5. Charity / tithe 10%
  6. Spend the rest

You can tweak the percentages as you see fit, but do not decrease your investments and savings rate less than 20%. Once I had paid for investments, savings, roof and whatever, I am “allowed” to spend whatever is left, guilt free.

Even the balance is split into weeks, so the balance 40% I can use 10% per week.