Bitcoin price $500K in 2026 and $1M in 2030?

Carrie Woods predicts Bitcoin prices as

  • $500,000 each by year 2026
  • $1,000,000 each by year 2030

2026 isnt that far, and 2030 too.

Maybe that’s why she and ARK Innovations has been so bullish recently, buying loads of CoinBase shares (COIN) and Grayscale’s BTC (GBTC) close to $300M worth. She mentioned that they’re underpriced, so they locked in an amount for now

What does this mean for me?

Eh, it’s a “nice to know”, but nothing changes for now: I just keep

  • working at my main business and side hustles
  • spend time with people I like and care about
  • doing stuff I like and enjoy

I’ve shared this earlier, that

  • 75% of my investments are “boring” dividend stocks and indices
  • and “only” 25% are in high-risk-high-return-potential growth stocks and crypto

I’m just waiting to hit my sell price

And I’ll take out more profits, leaving some more to run

My target? At least $500K per Bitcoin.

Once Bitcoin hits that figure, my low caps would also have a good run, and I can take out profits from those too, together with my paltry BTC lol.

Where would my crypto profits go?

Into the boring dividend stocks and index funds bruh, nothing sexy — same old same old, keep doing

  • working at my main business and side hustles
  • spend time with people I like and care about
  • doing stuff I like and enjoy

ARK’s Cathie Wood bullish on crypto: buys Coinbase and GBTC and what this means for you

Cathie Wood is seriously bullish on COIN and BTC

As of today 27th December 2022, ARK Innovation holds / invested

  • 5.8 million COIN shares (worth $205 million)
  • 6.4 million GBTC shares (worth $53 million)

These amounts aint small, but they aint chump change either.

That’s serious money and some serious investing chutzpah.

Cathie Wood alleges that BTC will reach $1M in value per Bitcoin by year 2030.

What does this mean to me and you?

The thing to understand is what is Cathie Wood and ARK Innovation’s investment theory / philosophy — it’s unlikely they invested in COIN and GBTC at whim.

They assessed and judged that the potential reward for investing (or speculating) into GBTC and COIN shares will payoff once they reach the the bull market again, and poured money into those.

Myself, my investment thesis and philosophy is

  1. Active cash paying business or job to pay the bills and with the extra:
  2. 75% into boring, cash paying dividend stocks and/or index funds
  3. 25% into higher-risk-higher-return projects such as selected blockchain / crypto projects

#3 is where I’m banking on “life changing wealth”

Some people call it “wife-changing wealth” lol, but I’m pretty happy with my current wife and family, and prefer not to change them at all. I’d rather die with and for them.

My thesis in speculating/investing in cryptocurrency is that

  1. selected crypto/blockchain projects will revolutionize specific niches in the world
  2. bitcoin is likely here to stay as money continue to be printed enmasse, more and more people AND institutions of wealth and finance will also help process the cryptocurrency holdings of THEIR clients, who want a slice of crypto, be it Bitcoin, Ethereum and top 10, 20, or top 100 crypto projects
  3. at later stages “every rich dude or dudette” will want to own at least one bitcoin
  4. I’m okay to lose that 25%. It IS high-risk-high-return, which is why for my wealth manifesto to work, I will keep working and keep investing 75% into boring stuff

Get rich fellas.