Man, we only have ONE life to life, so let’s down to building and living a good life for ourselves, loved ones and purpose.

We’ve got to stop complaining about life and shit that happens to us, and to stop making/finding reasons and excuses as to why we can’t do or accomplish what we want to do, and to build and live a good life for ourselves, loved ones, and for our true passion and purpose in life.


A decade ago, last year, last month, last week, yesterday was the first best time to start building and living a better and more purposeful life.

If you missed that, then the next best time is TODAY.


If not now, then when?

There is never a right time. Yes, you know the exact nuances and nitty gritty, but remember:

Time and tide waits for no man.

Number your days (appreciate whatever gift, talent and time you have left), and go out there and go build and live a purposeful and meaningful life.


The government may have policies and some safety nets in place…but they’re not going to take THAT much care of you.

Yes, maybe you are born poor, disadvantaged or _____ (fill in the blank with some reasons here).

Yet, your past is just ONE of your background, experiences and learning points.

You will have to start wherever you are, and you are going to have to man-up, woman-up, whatever-up and take 100% responsibility to where you want to go and where you want to be.

Bitching, moaning, complaining, making excuses, won’t get you a damn inch closer to your goal and where you want to be.

Worse still is that those negative behaviors?

They can become a bloody bad habit.

Complaining, making excuses and and not taking action…won’t bring you anywhere at all – you’d be exactly where you are and were complaining, and you’d just be negative, pissed off and tired.

If YOU don’t take responsibility and care of your own life, who will?

So stop talking and start hustling to build yourself a better life and future – for yourself, your loved ones, your children, your purpose.

Live a purposeful life.


If you are already hustling, good for you.

Remember, Rome wasn’t fucking built in a day – so we cannot expect that we “change a few things here and there and suddenly we get successful” – it doesn’t work that way.

More often than not, these “successes” appear overnight, but when you deep-dive, you’d find that most of these “overnight successes” had paid their price, of the minimum of 10,000 hours of mastery and hustling.

  • Musical superstars like Michael Jackson, Beatles, etc
  • Business superstars like Dell, HP, Rockefella etc

The list goes on.

Be patient.

Keep doing, keep hustling.

Earn your battle scars. Earn your experience. Earn your place.

And when you get there, you get to fucking wear your battle scars like what they are: fucking battle war scars and badges of honor.



Do what it takes to survive and live. You gotta hustle, you keep hustling honey. There is no fast way.

The best way is the slow way.

Survive and live and earn your battle scars long enough for you to grow.

Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. Spiritually. Experience-wise.

Then once you level up enough, you will start to “be seen everywhere”, and then…

…”suddenly” you’d get the “overnight success” you had dreamt about for so many years.


Your call, baby.

Once you get here, it’s your call.

Don’t worry, once you get here, you’d be so much different from where you are NOW, and the stuff that you feel, think, worry, care and love for will be so much different in depth, length, width – worry bout this when you get here.

Just start NOW.

Stop complaining of what and why shit happens. Of course shit happens. All the fucking time – yes, there is time to rant (not more than 10 minutes per day please) and then let’s move on with it.

Stop making excuses – there is so many reasons why shit happens and why things may fail. That’s why we as human beings have to keep learning, applying, refining, leveling up – it’s part of the process of getting better.


We only have ONE life to live – there are studies of people who are in their latter days (people who are dying/close to dying) and with their little energy, they share of the common complaints of the dying:

  • I wish I wasn’t so scared of my fears
  • I wish I did this, I wish I did that

Remember, one day, we all will die and meet our Maker (if you aren’t a believer of Christ – He IS the ONLY Way, Truth and Life, seek Him out and believe in Him for eternal life).

So let’s give this life our best shot.

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