I can’t tell you how many times my heart has skipped beats when I hear new business opportunities, both online and offline, that had made me make snap decisions, believing that I can do anything and everything.

  • Online businesses in multiple trades? Checked.
  • MLM businesses? Checked.
  • Businesses which trade I’m not well versed in? Checked.

I got access to the back end, the links, the reports, I attended the training – I did everything they said I need to do to achieve the success they said I would get, yet I’ve no results for them. I’ve gone for courses that costs me thousands of dollars too, because they said they’ll be game-changers. Now if only I received a dollar everytime someone tells me that.It took me a good five years before I realized that all these opportunities are very similar. Just packed differently. And then it hit me – how much had I spent chasing and running after shiny stuff?

I had nothing to show. Not from those internet opportunities, not from those sham gurus who taught me how to scam others, not from fakely hyped MLM business opportunities with promises of passive income.

I took five years to wake up.

Five years is a long time, but that’s the time my mind required before things fell in place. And then I started saying to myself – it’s time to do, not just keep chasing and running.

That’s when I started to focus. I started to shed things that aren’t important after all. I started removing all the stuff that annoyed me. Little by little, as I shed and removed the unimportant, things became clearer. I started to have a better focus.

Looking back, the main problem was that I lacked focus. I wanted to be successful, I wanted passive income, but I didn’t know how to achieve them, so I started this crazy buffet of trying everything that comes my way, burning a large hole in my wallet, relationships and personal life.

Retail Therapy: The Urge To Purchase

Often, it’s not that a product is special to you that you want to buy something. I assure you, a lot of money is spent into researching about human beings, from the products that will entice you, to the words and color of the wording that will increase the “rate of click and buy” to manipulate you.

Yes, they’re made and meant to manipulate your senses. Even if you have sound knowledge of it, it doesn’t stop the adrenaline rush and the feel-good feelings when you participate in it.

Stop Chasing And Running After Shiny Stuff

Even till today, we’re doing okay yet whenever I see and hear of new launches and new products, my heart still skips a beat and I’ll tell myself that “it’s okay, I’ll just take a quick look.”

It looks good. It smells good. It probably tastes good too.

Problem is, I don’t need them. In more than 97% of the time, I don’t need the stuff out there. I like to stick to the basics and the essentials, and use the bare minimum wherever possible.

To keep myself from buying,I do a ritual:

  • I ask my wife what does she thinks about the product
  • I step away from the product for about a week to see if it makes a difference
  • I ask myself if the product will do a better job compared to how I’m doing it right now

Most of the ritual involves buying time to be away from the shiny new product, because in point 3, even if I ask myself at that point in time, I’ll probably cajole myself to highlight the good part of the product without thinking about the practical applications.

And that’s what you’ve gotta do right now, especially if you’re thinking of diluting your vision, your focus and your time. You can keep buying the new shiny stuff, the new books and new information, whatever – but if you don’t read, evaluate and apply them, they won’t be able to help you get to where you want to go.

Stop looking for shiny stuff.

You’ve got to focus and stay focused to get what you want.

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Hang around here for some time, you’d see that I don’t well with hype or bullshit. I can smell that typically a mile away, and I hate that shit too.

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