This seems to be a recurring theme in this season of mine, as I struggle with how I deal with employees and colleagues who are poor workers. In my conversation with high profile organization heads and leaders, I find that we all struggle with this issue of manpower –

That people whom we hire do not work the way they promised to, falling short of the job description by huge margins.

One of them shared with me what he did to his errant worker, who wanted a permanent job (she was a contract employee) but spent more time talking about non-essentials rather than work on what is really required to be done.

He pulled her aside and spoke to her, asking her – “You do want to be a permanent employee right? In that case, you’ve got to stop talking and start working. You’re not employed to be a public relations officer; if I was looking for one, I’ll pick the best looking one on the street to do that. Do you understand what I mean?”

She nodded her head and got to work.

What do you think? Do you think she’ll change her ways?.








In the end, she ended up being in cahoots with another person to destroy his job, the man who stood up for her to get her a permanent job. She did her level best to get rid of him, slowly and painfully. His boss took pleasure in making him as uncomfortable as she could, shouting at him needlessly and pinning other people’s mistakes onto him, until she eventually removed his job. But interestingly, the way she removed his job was interesting – she handed him the termination letter which required him to stay another 8 months “to teach the next group of people to takeover his job”…but what is crucial to understand is, if he is so important that he needed to stay another 8 months to train others to do his job, why terminate him in the first place?

Having this conversation with him has really stretched my mind about the difference in the corporate settings, and how things can move so quickly, and how people can be so vicious, and ungrateful.

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