Hey I’m back!

…well, sort of, I guess. I’ve been working like a dog ever since I exited my wonderful 18 month sabbatical, to help my wife’s specialist physiotherapy business (Phoenix Rehab) starting sometime end June 2019, and whew, has 2 months flown on by gosh.

It’s 27th August 2019 right now as I’m writing this article.

It’s nice to go back to work, though I miss my little ones tremendously (they’re the BEST part of my sabbatical) and would love to spend more time with them.

Gosh I miss them.

Going back to work as a senior hand therapist and director with my wife is a nice thing (I have enjoyed working with her from day 1 I started working with her) – I’m smiling because I’m reminded of some of my friends who told me that “I’d get bored of working with her”, but I’ve been working with her since 2008, and still counting.

(I mean, if you exclude my sabbatical time…)

Anyway, back to this post.


#1 I am pretty good as a hand therapist and therapy business director

Looking back at the last 2 months, helping my wife to grow her physiotherapy business, it’d seem that I am pretty good as a senior hand therapist and therapy business director.

Business is gradually picking up and looking more positive, and I am fairly sure that we can, with God’s grace and mercy, and with the support of our referring doctors, therapists and patients, we can build Phoenix Rehab to a much better multi-specialist physiotherapy practice in Singapore =)

#2 I have different aspirations and seem more ideal than “seemingly normal” population

Some of the people I meet are often shocked and ask me:

  • how could I leave a business I started?
  • how could I leave such good / comfortable offers?
  • how could I make such sacrifices?

…I think, taking many steps back, it’s important to reflect and see from a very broad perspective (I tend to live and think in broader perspectives).

For me, I am comfortable in taking and drawing a clear line that I have truly completed what I had set out to do in my previous company, especially since it was acquired, and there was a 3 year bond with very clear responsibilities set out – made a good and clear way to exit entirely.

Secondly, who I work with and how I work is very important to me. Quality is more important than quantity, anytime.

Anyone or any organization that seeks to control how I work and try to push their own agenda and their own ways of doing things which clashes with mine – I’m just not interested to participate. Yes, I was offered good money…but I believe life is worth more than just being comfortable or having more money.

Don’t get me wrong, I love making money, but as I said, who I work with and how I work is very important to me. From a broad and vertical perspective, “losing” that comfortable offer (my earlier salary was shit by the way, but they tried to counter with higher amount when they finally realized that I was really seriously leaving) was actually ok because:

  1. I got to spend 18 months of priceless time with my wonderful kids. I missed some parts of their growing up years, and this makes up for it somewhat.
  2. I got to spend time reading and pursuing things that interest me. I got to publish some public domain books (Seneca), meditate, went for Amazon publishing course (will come back to this of course – now just saving money to start publishing regularly)
  3. I could just travel to JB to visit my family there
  4. I could go to kids school and be with them
  5. I spent hours and hours with the kids – best!
  6. And so much more

Not continuing a “completed work” is so far still the right and good decision that I will not back down on, and I’m never looking back there.

Those 18 months of sabbatical were one of the best months of my life, and I have reasons to believe it’d be the stepping board beginning of an even better, greater and awesome chapter of my life moving forward.

#3 I am thinking for NigelChua.com between money/business/passive income versus growth/personal development/non-money because it’s linked!

…I write, build and like passive income and want to build and live a passive income lifestyle BECAUSE I like the freedom that it comes with.

Of course there’s the intellectual curiousity of wondering how passive income works, how to grow it etc, and cos it’s fun, but the truth of the matter is:

I am very curious about life, God, the world, relationships, people, businesses, reading and my purpose, which includes

  • making the world a better place
  • creating value and jobs for individuals
  • spending time with my children and loved ones including my wife, and our families
  • leaving a positive legacy behind

Yes I know I am fairly good with hand therapy, splinting and therapy business management, leadership and growth.

And I am still learning about online businesses.

I HAVE been learning, applying and building multiple businesses and multiple streams of passive income, but the deeper, underlying REASONS why I started and continue to

  • acquire
  • build
  • refine
  • increase

systems and streams of recurring passive income IS to/as an ENABLER for me to continue being able to participate in my reasons and what drives or makes me curious.

It seems a little dreamy, or selfish, but I know that I know, I’ve been creating value for the world and people around me. It’s not my philosophy to “take/win at the expense of others”, like how I’ve met such individuals and corporations (and that’s why I vote with my feet and don’t stay with them).


I’m not exactly sure how to create/separate such big difference.

On one hand, it’s all about creating, acquiring and refining systems and businesses that provide me multiple flows of recurring passive income streams, and the other is the stuff that I’m curious and interested in.

Like a yin-yang thingie?

Maybe most of NigelChua will be dedicated to building passive income stream (or should I call it cashflow?) and only a small section be dedicated “Beyond Money or Passive Income / Personal Development”?

Am not exactly sure how to do it right now, but my sense/intuition is:

Most people cannot even go into:

  • mindfulness
  • personal development / growth
  • passions / interests

…because they are restricted or limited due to their

  1. Mindset: thinking that they HAVE to work, because working is NORMAL, hence not working = abnormal
  2. Money (Lack): because more than 80% of the population actually live from paycheck-to-paycheck, with less than 10-15% of the population having saved more than $10K, and many are stuck in bad debt and money practices/habits which means they ACTUALLY HAVE to work to keep earning money just to survive and live.

Look, I LOVE working.

The reason is because I enjoy serving people and adding value to peoples’ lives (including yours) and want to help make things a little better, one step a time.

Right now, because of the sabbatical and the battles we had, I am a little setback financially, but we’ve paid off our home so our costs of living is much lower, and our large costs are basically the kids schooling and our day to day including local travel, groceries and food and whatever miscellaneous.

Maybe this article as I write, it’s sort of helping me guide and refine my thinking process, and what I want to do and achieve via NigelChua.com.

I…want to help people:

#1 Get unstuck financially + financial security and freedom

  • Unlearn bad money habits ie understanding what is assets versus liabilities and
  • More importantly, to learn, build and acquire passive income machines that will creates multiple streams of passive income to free up one’s life to be able to be more flexible and free
  • Build offline/online businesses that you care about

…but in a simplified, simple, sustainable and more importantly, they have to be passive. I’m NOT interested in creating another job for myself.

This itself can be very, very big, which is generally 3 topics:

  • Cut out unnecessary “world/society-imprinted” desires
  • Saving more to invest in passive income stocks and/or online businesses
  • Making more by picking a high-income skill and/or
  • Building/acquiring offline or online businesses

Offline businesses are great and practical, but they often require high efforts and money to build or purchase, unless we do freelancing (which is a great way to start but there are issues to it), hence my focus on online business and online publishing.

#2 Personal development beyond money

Money isn’t everything, but I can say that cos I’ve reached a certain level in life AND living fairly lean. Right now I’m by no means ultra-rich yet ie I don’t have millions in the bank account. Other non-money stuff I’m also very interested in includes

  • improving health such as losing weight, becoming more lean/toned, fucking better
  • improving relationships spousal, parenting, fatherhood, work
  • improving/exploring self interest such as reading, philosophy, “being”, thinking
  • improving spiritual pursuits


I think in a nutshell, my message seems to be:

my personal goal, pursuit and dream for myself (and probably for you too) is to unshackle and free myself to have more freedom, flexibility and options in life by building multiple passive income streams that pays the bills and more.

Where I can live a life that is not linked or related to a lack of money. Where there is waaaaay more than enough. Where I can explore interests and passions outside of money.

…and there IS so much more to life than just

  • working in a job we dislike
  • working with people or bosses we have to tolerate or bear
  • spending more time at something we hate/dislike than to spend time doing what we love (family, spouse, interests)

Or something like that.

Will mull over it a bit more, and set more time aside to regularly share more.

My current game plan:

Will continue working as senior hand therapist and director at Phoenix Rehab as my core income generator, and set aside funds to:

  1. I’ve bought a few online businesses, and will set aside a few hundred bucks monthly to outsource content creation, and will monitor their progress monthly.
  2. Will also set aside a few hundred bucks a month to publish Kindle books monthly (or at least once ever 2-3 months, knowing my hectic schedule).
  3. Will also set aside a few hundred bucks a month to keep investing into passive income stocks

These are/will be my key “bread-and-butter” passive income strategies over the next 5-10 years, and I’ll keep improving my passive income game.

I need to refine and update my Passive Income Reporting section, because I’m a little technologically challenged (oh the irony of investing and building online businesses lol), and want it easier to post such updates.

By the way, I may or may not upload much photos because…it’s more work haha.

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I’ve been working on myself and on NigelChua.com for years, since 2006, and only in late 2019, I started to focus on intuitive and loving leadership, entreprenership and personal development.

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