Sombre Season With Outbreaks And Deaths Globally

It is saddening and disheartening to see and read about the recent world events, such as

Death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter in a helicopter crash on 26th January 2020

white and yellow UNK jersey

There is a lot of outpouring of love towards this giant of a man on the basketball courts, as a father, husband, believer of Christ and more, and his daughter too. My heart goes to them.

Global outbreak of novel coronavirus which started in Wuhan, Hubei, China

man in black leather jacket and white helmet standing near green water dispenser

This one has me a little worried. The numbers have jumped a lot more by today, and as time goes by, more will be infected and more dead. There is a shortage of

  • surgical masks
  • hand sanitizers
  • and related products

And there has been some pockets of panic buying of groceries here and there – we have got to pray that this global outbreak will be contained with a very hard stop very soon.

I am certain that God is watching over us, He is faithful, and let’s keep praying.


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