WordPress is very different from Solo Build It; in my experience since I used both since 2008/2009; and I had been struggling with this thought/dilemma, for years!

“Should I Use WordPress Or Solo Build It For My New Ideas?”

Ask my wife: she’d laugh aloud as it’s been something that I had been asking her for years now (we’ve been married since 2009 and I love her to bits).

I’ve finally reached a conclusion between the two, read more on my thoughts about SBI versus self-hosted WordPress.

Self-Hosted WordPress

  • Very cheap to start in the beginning ($10+ for domain + $70+ for web hosting, about $80+ in the beginning year), BUT as your traffic build your cost will go up as you need to upgrade your hosting plan, buy better themes etc
  • You can get lost in all the “noise” of building an online business: from upgrading your web hosting, to searching for plugins and upgrading, which can distract you from actually doing what matters: keyword research, article writing, backlink building etc
  • You need to “harden” security for WordPress with different plugins to protect access
  • You can easily hire/outsource parts of WordPress by creating access for freelancers
  • WordPress is much more versatile with so many different themes, plugins etc
  • More than 80+% of the online world knows WordPress, so it’s easier to get help

Solo Build It

  • A proprietary web and online business building software and community that helps guide/teach you how to build high-traffic HTML websites
  • Much more expensive relatively to self-hosted WordPress sites in the beginning at USD 299 PER SITE BUT there is no increased costs no matter how much your traffic is (unlike WordPress, where you have increased hosting costs when your traffic goes up; SBI can take 6-7 figure traffic at NO ADDITIONAL cost to you – a significant difference in measure of thousands per year)
  • Very solid security
  • But it is relatively more “clunky” as the sites aren’t as versatile as WordPress – they’re HTML and focused more on building “authority monster sites”, and because of the way they’re structured, the strongest part about SBI is that they (1) remove all the noise (you don’t have to research software, plugin, security etc) and (2) focus on business building ie content, backlinks etc (once you’ve been doing online business for years, you’d appreciate this)
  • Their themes is very much more limited, and if you want WordPress-similar themes, you have to buy additional external webhosting and domain name and plug-in via their InfinIt, eg for forums/directories/etc

I only recommend things that (1) I’ve used before and (2) that are useful to me, and herein, I’ve definitely used both with fair amount of success. Frankly, I’ve achieved a lot more success using SBI to build my private physiotherapy website which drove at least $100,000 service sales per year so it was very useful, but I realized this:

Solo Build It (SBI) Is Great For Monster Authority Niche Sites That Are Less Social.

WordPress is just different: more versatile, more time-consuming and can be much more pricey, BUT in the end, it depends on what your target audience is looking for.

Here, let me illustrate.

So I used SBI for my physiotherapy website, and it worked brilliantly to drive six-figure revenue per year, but I think it works because:

Patients in pain look for very specific articles; they’re not looking to jump from article to article or comment. They just want to know if we (our physiotherapy company) can treat that particular problem, and call us to set appointment.

That’s one of the main reasons why it worked brilliantly for us, and I can foresee how SBI will continue to add value for similar companies like mine that provide professional/non-professional services, or even on specific products.

Think of businesses such as plumbing, dentistry, medical, PR, legal, midwife, etc; or the owner of a product.

WordPress Is An Entirely Different Vehicle/Beast.

It has more social elements, with native commenting function in-built into it; and has the Related Post Plugin, which encourages readers to read related posts/articles.

It creates tribes and communities where readers and commenters will chat and converse with each other, or even link back to the article and bring more conversations.

It is more flexible in a sense you can create and leverage WordPress technology, themes and plugins to create very automated directories (think AirBNB and Uber), forums, and even social networking/bookmarking sites that are similar to FaceBook.

It’s Like Saying SBI Is To Google Like WordPress Is To FaceBook.

My experience with SBI is pretty much highly reliant on readers/clients directly from Google searching for very specific issues/pains; whereby my WordPress sites tends to be more social.

Is there a right or wrong, good or bad?

Sorry, no.

That’s not the issue here.

The Real Question, The Money Shot: Who Are Your Customers, What Do They Do, And Where Are They Found Online?

Answer these three questions, and you’d get to decide between SBI and WordPress. I finally realized this after deliberating this question for years.

It’s all back to who your customers is and what they want/like.

Take action today, don’t wait anymore. In fact, don’t overthink this part, because it may just be a distraction from the real issue: take action and refine as you go along.

If You Took SBI And As You Go Along, You Don’t Think It’s Right, You CAN Swap To WordPress. And Vice Versa.

Do Not Get Stuck Here: This Is Not The Real Problem.

Trust me, just take action.

This is the same approach how I am learning how to improve making money online. I may not be making much money online (see my income reports here) but I am making up to $100 per month.

I know I can and I will make more as I refine, learn and improve, until I’m making $500 a month, then $1000, then more and more as I learn how to better serve my readers.

This approach is waaaaaaaaay better, like 1000x better than to deliberate, think, think and procrastinate from actually taking action.

Just take action, and refine as you go along.

So, two options:

Go for it, and let me know how you’re doing.

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