I love using Solo Build It (SBI) for all my offline business e-leads generation. It’s worked since 2010, and still works till today.

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And I know that often business owners, start up or mature offline/physical businesses are often very busy handling day-to-day operations and managing the direction and growth of their business(es).

And as a business owner myself, the reason why I still participate, put effort and invest time and money into my website is for one simple major reason:

recurring passive and targeted e-leads generation that flows automatically into my business funnel, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

I am not interested in hyping this up, and it’s mainly a matter of fact.

So for one to understand and see this, the business owner has to understand and appreciate

  1. the sales and marketing process of the funnel (Sales Funnel)
  2. the Long-Term-Value (LTV) of each client
  3. the meaning of Conversion Rate (CR)

Let’s put this into practical perspective.

Example #1: Real estate agent (higher value commissions)

This example also includes other higher value commission businesses eg:

  • surgeons/consultants/lawyers
  • business brokers
  • high value seminars and products

If you’re a real estate agent, and you have two general ways of making money:

  • renting out a room/property
  • buying/selling a property

To make things easier, for this example, let’s say that a real estate agent can make $5,000 commission per property sold or bought through his service. And say that he has a property to sell to achieve this commission.

For the real estate agent to achieve this, they need to:

  • have a property for sale (let’s assume already have)
  • have a buying client

To “have” a buying client, one needs:

  • a network of previous sellers and buyers (old leads)
  • fresh buyers

Where a strong website with good rankings come in is

  • previous investors and buyers who are looking to invest to check in on his website for the latest investment properties
  • new investors or first-time home owners who are looking to buy to invest or live in

In his same website, he can also include helpful value-added information, such as

  • numbers, finance and mortgage calculations and potential banks to help finance
  • additional expenses to consider
  • how to decrease expenses when buying/investing/selling
  • where is the best places to buy
  • what are the considerations before buying/selling/moving
  • etc

Comparing when a lead lands on this site, reads, build a relationship with the agent, when compared to another agent who didn’t do anything else….what’s the difference?

More on this at the very bottom.

Example #1: Therapist (middle value commissions)

This example also includes other middle value commission businesses eg:

  • therapists (osteopaths, physical therapists, hand therapists, massage therapists, speech therapists)
  • general practitioners, general dentists
  • trainers (personal trainers, pilates instructors, dance instructors, studio trainers etc)
  • teachers/tutors
  • mechanics

So I’m a hand therapist and used to manage a team of therapists, so I can advise on this. In private practice, we therapists generally make 99% of our money because of professional services.

To make things clear, say one session of therapy is $100.

For the therapist to get patients to treat, they need:

  • networks of doctors referring patients
  • leads from advertising and marketing including website, pay per click campaigns, lead generation activities etc

Where a strong website with good rankings come in is patients with new pains/injuries who are searching online:

  • to understand what they may have injured
  • to understand what and who are their options near them
  • to understand when they should seek treatment and more importantly, from whom

In his same website, he can also include helpful value-added information, such as

  • conditions
  • what therapists will do
  • what patients can expect from sessions
  • how to pay
  • is there insurance
  • how to make appointment

Comparing when a lead lands on this site, reads, build a relationship with the therapist, when compared to another therapist who didn’t do anything else….what’s the difference?


Offhand, the benefits of a strong lead-generating website that is dedicated to your business:

  • Targeted And Dedicated Lead Generation. Leads and potential clients are looking and reading at YOUR content, YOUR business, YOUR service. Every single article and page of your website should be seen as your robotic salesperson that never sleeps, marketing and communicating YOUR business (see next point)
  • Automated. Build it once and build it well, and it will serve you and your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Grows Stronger Every Day. With every passing day, search engines assign a “date” to your business website. A 10-year old site has a lot more “authority” than a 2-week-old one. Of course, you need to ensure that your site serves your clients and readers well (relevancy), and for this, you will need to keep adding content.


This, as mentioned earlier, depends on your calculations of:

  • Value Per Transaction (TV)
  • Long-Term-Value (LTV)
  • Conversion Rate (CR)

Most important of this, is the word “Long Term Value”

Going back to the example of therapists. Why I’m so bullish on creating a dedicated and targeted strong ranking website, is because I know:

  1. my average new patient returns for 4-12 session per NEW injury
  2. may return 1-4x per year, year on year
  3. may recommend his family, friends and colleagues
  4. may refer us to his or her doctors, who in turn may refer more patients to us

Based on items:

1. Assuming 1 therapy session is billed at $100, hence a new patient or an old patient with a new injury, who is typically seen 4-12 sessions will equate to a rough estimation of $400 – $1200 per new injury/patient.

2. If this patient returns 1-4x per year, then the amount of $400 – $1200 is multiplied accordingly to $400 – $4800 per new patient.

3. Items 3 & 4 are bonus and leads to a lot more infinity/unlimited upsides.

Hence the Yearly LTV of a patient = 1×2 = $400 – $4800 per year. A lifetime value of this patient may be 10 years, so this can go to $4000 to $48000 (give or take, depends on number of years).

So if we build a very very conservative website with say:

  • 1000 eyeballs a day in your specific town/country
  • And 1% enquires = 10 enquiries/leads
  • and 1% converts = every 10 days, you get 1 new customer

How much is that valued to you?

  • What if the number of eyeball doubles, triples or quadruples?
  • What if the number of enquiries doubles, triples or quadruples?
  • What if the number of conversion doubles, triples or quadruples?

We hadn’t even factored in these customers telling other customers and referral sources, which creates a powerful referral effect.

Can you or your business handle that growth?

And that is why I am so bullish on creating strong ranking, high traffic, targeted and dedicated e-leads generating websites. But it takes time (at least 1 year to 3+ years), consistent and moderate to lots of effort and patience.

I personally don’t have that much time or bandwidth to provide this service, so even if you select to pay or purchase this service, I may reject due to:

  • if I’ve too many projects/busy
  • you and I, we’re not a good fit personality/character/communication-wise (I don’t want to service business owners that don’t have budget, don’t have time, don’t have patience, and don’t have a working relationship that I care for.)

If you’re still here and think you’re a good fit with me, here are some Solo Build It services that you can consider:


This is a simple and straight-forward Solo Build It (SBI) setup and installation and management service, including domain-name registration (included in the package).

You will be given the access to login for your SBI site. There is no marketing or article writing service included.

I like to keep the process simple, and I don’t want to have to convince/sell you the idea of how this works.

  1. When you’re ready to work with me, click the monthly subscription below
  2. Sign up and make payment
  3. It’d notify me and then once I acknowledge, I’ll get in touch with you
  4. You’ll need to inform me of your domain name of choice
  5. I’ll check if it’s available
  6. I’ll register the domain name to your SBI account
  7. Then I’ll give you access to your SBI account


  • SBI Monthly $49
  • Domain name (included)

Additional Notes:

  • The site always belong to you. I can transfer it to you anytime after 61 days (Internal internet laws ICANN restrict newly registered domains from being transferred away in the first 60 days)
  • More services below




Foundational 5 Pages For Website

If you want just a simple basic Solo Build It (SBI) powered website and want me to help get the ball rolling, you can engage me at once off USD 150 to help you write and setup the following pages:

  • About
  • Contact
  • Home Page
  • Terms Of Use
  • Disclaimer




Local Marketing And Search Engine Optimization Via Article MarketingTHIS is the crux and cornerstone of building a very strong, high traffic dedicated website for your business, and without this…it’s very hard to get highly ranked or high traffic.

So either you do this by yourself or you can outsource and delegate to me and my team to help you do this.

Again, I personally don’t have that much time or bandwidth to provide this service, so even if you select to pay or purchase this service, I may reject due to:

  • if I’ve too many projects/busy
  • you and I, we’re not a good fit personality/character/communication-wise (I don’t want to service business owners that don’t have budget, don’t have time, don’t have patience, and don’t have a working relationship that I care for.)

If you’re serious about engaging me, then choose the packages below:


SBI Article Writing For Local SEO & Traffic


You will have to give me a range of topics that you are interested or you know that your customers want, or based on the services you provide.

The process is as such:

  1. You choose the package you want (1, 2 or 4 x1000 words articles) and make payment
  2. I get the notification from PayPal and acknowledge
  3. Then I will get in touch with you to determine if it’s pure article writing for local search engine optimization; if it’s also inclusive of Solo Build It setup or Foundational Pages, then the process will be Solo Build It setup > Foundational Pages > Article Writing )
  4. Then determine the topics of choice based on your industry
  5. Then prioritize which topics first (foundational versus seasonality)
  6. Then get articles prepared
  7. Then you get to read the articles to approve or request for amendments
  8. Once you approve, I will upload them into your SBI site so that it’s hands-off for you

Choose whichever is suitable for your budget. The more aggressive of course is 4 x 1000 word articles a month. Remember the focus and function of this website (read above).

If not, I highly recommend you do it yourself. (Go here to build your own strong ranking Solo Build It website)

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