Small Tests Leads To More Successes

All of us want to be more successful – if i asked 100 people if they

  1. want to wake up earlier
  2. have a better relationship
  3. work out more
  4. and make more money

i can guarantee you that most if not all of us will say yes to the above.

Imagine if you could double your productivity at work; or you could speak to anyone at work or at a party, or achieve whatever you’re interested in – how does that sound to you?

Yeah, even if you’re just starting out and not an expert

Welcome to the world of small tests =)

I find testing fun and i test many things on a small scale first before i put in more resources and here in this video I cover 2 examples;

  1. how I make sure i go to the gym twice a week
  2. how I never miss flossing my teeth

i believe you can use a testing approach to improve your success rates in virtually anything, and the way i did it was to

  1. do a miniature-version of the activity on a scale of say 10:1
  2. trial run at least 3x
  3. once i found that it works, i “keep” the process of what works and drop what doesnt

Remember those 2 examples?

Here’s how i will do small test to increase chances of stickiness and success:

1) How I make sure i go to the gym twice a week

  • It begins BEFORE I even sign up to the gym membership.
  • First, I will check out the gym to make sure that the equipment are what I use
  • Then check the price
  • If equipment and price is within my range, the next important factor is to decide how to make gym part of my travel and calendar flow I looked at my calendar and activities and matched the gym location to my location and activities
  • Then did 3 trial runs I literally did a free gym class so I could travel to and fro once; and did once more travel to gym and back
  • Once i’m convinced that the flow is smooth, it’s easy – now i’m at gym naturally 2x a week

2) How I never miss flossing my teeth

  • I realized i never had a flossing practice when my dentist told me that i needed to start flossing (this was after I got married), and i tried a few different process to see which was best to make me floss daily I first tried by going to floss my teeth after dinner, but that process by itself was weird, cos it ended up sometimes me eating still or snacking which made the earlier flossing redundant
  • Secondly, i tried to time my flossing before bedtime, but often i get too tired so i just sleep and go lalaland – fail again Third time was the charm, so i decided that i would create a combo-move, where I know i need to sleep, i need to eat, i need to floss, and i will shower, so why not floss-shower-sleep at the end of the day?
  • That worked.

Ive flossed everyday since.

I apply this small test approach to virtually anything new that i want to try or implement – it doesnt make sense for me to blow $10K on a new experiment, I will first try with $100 to see if it justifies. Sometimes it’s using a smaller budget.

It’s not always money.

Sometimes it’s using less time eg instead of committing 2 hours to a hike, i try for 20 minutes.

Like moving house – instead of immediately buying a new one and selling, we’re renting first, to test the area and market, to see if we like the new area. The reasons why I like this approach is because it’s “small” – its low cost in terms of effort and maybe costs, but the results can be huge – potentially life changing. Imagine if you found an investment where you put in $100 and you get $200, how much would you then put in?

As much as possible right?

Conversely, if you decided to gamble without testing, and you lose everything, how would that feel?


That’s why small tests are great – they give you data and clarity, which will make decision making easy How would you try small tests? Let me know in the comments below

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