Singaporeans Show Low Level Of Enthusiasm At Work

There was this article that I chanced across at: which shared that:

The city fell behind India, Thailand and Hong Kong in terms of employee engagement.

Singapore falls behind globally in terms of employee engagement or their level of enthusiasm with their jobs, scoring only 47% or below the worldwide average of 53%, according to a study by experience management firm Qualtrics.

The city lagged behind India (79%), Thailand (72%) and Hong Kong (63%). However, it outpaced Japan (35%) and South Korea (40%), which registered the lowest scores.

Singapore businesses that provide feedback programmes achieved an engagement score of 55%, compared to only 33% for those without it.

Compared to the global average, overall employee engagement is 67% when feedback is collected and acted on, whilst the figure drops to 50% when the frequency is only once or twice a year.

When it comes to changing employers, about 18% of Singaporean workers intend to only stay for less than a year, in line with the global average. The percentage more than doubles (38%) for those who are planning to stay for two years at most.

And I was both surprised and yet, not surprised, that they are engaged “only averaged” 33-47% of the time, below worldwide average of 53% – these are interesting markers. Relooking at the information, I think this is key:

Singapore businesses that provide feedback programmes achieved an engagement score of 55%, compared to only 33% for those without it.

And the truth of the matter is, from what I observed, there is a lot more ground to cover and growth in leadership which is highly lacking, seeing that many of the so called leaders are leaders are not often leaders who lead with love, grace, example and teaching, but often are just “there a little longer”, “take others credit”, “don’t stand up for their people”, “entitled”, “enjoy/love being smoked by others”, backstabbing and throwing others under the bus” and a whole slew of negative leadership.

brown snake

Too many snake and smoke “leaders” around

This is one of the primary reasons why I prefer entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is a lot tougher, and is not for everyone, but it is good honest work. I don’t have to see people sucking up to the superiors and bosses only when the bosses are around, and then getting all the credit, increments and promotions that aren’t due to them – kinda sucky, but I realized that there is a political game in organizations that I just don’t like or participate in.

In my own businesses, I get to choose and create the open, loving, trustworthy and gracious culture that I believe is the right way. We don’t undercut or cheat or lie, and deal with things openly without having to be scandalous or spread lies and rumours. I sleep much better too this way.

What I take from this is that people crave/want feedback, teaching, learning and leadership, and I will do that more often.

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