Simple, Aggressive Passive Income Automation

Simple, Aggressive Passive Income Automation: No BS, no guilt approach to have more money than you need and build your passive income lifestyle that just works.

This book is what I wished my parents taught me when I was 20 years old.

I learnt about money and passive income the hard way: through trial-and-error, research, testing and constant refining that turned around my broke-ass low income health worker life to my first million. I still practice what I teach today. 

Nowadays I teach it to my kids at the dining table and I hope that this book will also teach you at your dining table or commutes, and change your financial life the way it changed mine.

Simple, Aggressive Passive Income Automation will show you:

  • how to beat your loans and debts faster than you thought possible
  • how to setup your low-fee bank account
  • how I automate my money so I know exactly what goes where
  • how to save hundreds (and even thousands a month)…and yet still be able to buy stuff you love such as that daily coffee (or tea), that $500 pair of shoes or that $5000 vacation. Zero guilt.
  • how I get out of late fees (word-for-word scripts provided)
  • how I tackle big expenses (weddings, cars, homes, kids etc) minus the stress
  • how to grow your passive income automatically…month after month: a set-and-forget investment approach that’d beat most financial traders and advisors flat on their faces
  • hear stories of how readers use the book to create the passive income lifestyles of their dreams

Money isn’t everything, but once you’d mastered it and built your passive income lifestyle…I discovered you’d unlock the  next-and-hidden chapters of your life that you wouldn’t be able to access otherwise.


“Before I met Nigel, I always had just enought and I never thought that was abnormal. 3 months after meeting him, I have more money in my bank that I had ever seen before, and that’s with just one of his advice!” — Jeremy Baker

“It’s easy to downplay Nigel’s light-hearted teachings and writings – there’s so much simplified and practical personal finance wisdom and decisions from savings to spending to investing” — Flick Edison

“I dont want to marry for money, dont have rich inheritance, so the next is to get rich with knowledge and discipline. Nigel just speaks to me, I dont know how to say it, but it feels like he knows what I’m going through and he’s been through it.” — Derrick Lee

“Nigel’s the kind of guy who will share with you what you really need to know and do about money over a cuppa coffee, without a sales pitch. Just good, practical advice.” — Chris Hedley

“Simple, practical, aggressive. Simple, Aggressive Passive Income Automation is packed with stuff that work – it’s a great guide to money management and passive income building for those in their 20s…and everyone else.” — Tom Wolfe

Purchase Simple, Aggressive Passive Income Automation and start your passive income lifestyle today

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