Side hustle idea #4 you can start this week

My rule to quick fast side hustle ideas:

  1. Low barrier for entry: doesnt require you to buy equipment that costs more than $1K
  2. No special skill: doesnt require you to study years for a license, the skill needs to be learnable in hours
  3. Recurring: something that the clients will need on a recurring basis, 1/2/3/4x per month
  4. Scalable: not hard to hire someone to train and do the job

Today’s idea: home cleaning

  1. Low barrier for entry: clients who pay for home washing usually ALREADY have the equipments in their own home, be it mops, brooms, etc available. You may bring your own and charge them extra too, such as mop, broom, floor wash etc
  2. No special skill: You DONT need to train or study years to learn how to clean a home – start with your own home, and a couple of your pal’s places.
  3. Recurring: 100% recurring business, possibly even 1/2/3/4/more times per month, depending on how clean they want their places to be
  4. Scalable: It’s definitely easy to hire and train technicians to clean homes for your clients; plus there’s lots of people would be happy to work for you as employees as you deal with growing the business and acquiring more clients. Bonus: there’s a lot more things you can do: ironing, compound eg power washing, grass cutting, commercial properties, moving in/out cleaning, pre-festival cleaning etc

Warning: as homes are very “open concept”, there’s always risks of misunderstandings such as you could have spent 2 hours making their toilets clean but they’d rather you clean their hall — so sharp communication is key.

How to get your first 3 house cleaning client?

This is the key to get your business started, and you can definitely just start off on weekends to keep your day job. Some ways you can start getting clients and leads:

  1. Look at your neighbourhood, and start there. Knock on your neighbourhood doors and tell them directly: “Hey it’s me, my name is ____ and I live in this neighbourhood. I am starting a home cleaning business and my rate is $X. Would you be happy for me to do that for your home / room / office this week?”
  2. You can offer a bundle discount for more hours.
  3. Message a bunch of your closest buddies and ask them to refer someone, something like this: “hey, I’ve started a home cleaning business and I’m looking for clients who wants to go back to clean homes, can you please refer a neighbour who’d love that? Sweeten this deal by offering a special deal to them for example: refer x number of clients and I’ll clean your room/home for free this month.
  4. Do the same on social media.
  5. Location bundle, if you already have a client scheduled for a date, reach out to the neighbours in the area and let them know that you have a client appointment on that date/time, and if anyone would want a session, then you’d be happy to do a bundle discount since you’re already in the area.

There’s more ways to grow your side hustle too, but start with these.

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