I just realized that my house and my life has been gradually undergoing a process of shedding and purification.

Overtly, we’ve added two air purifiers to our homes, two air purifiers to our clinics, air filters and purifier in our home. Covertly, I’ve been exploring in my heart and mind to shed stuff that are not important, and recently decided that I’ll be focusing only on two major projects, the other more important ones being relationships with God, my wife, my church,  my family members, my cell group members, my friends and colleagues.

These two major projects are:

1. Urbanrehab Pte Ltd – a niche and ultra elite brick and mortar physiotherapy and rehabilitation company based in Singapore

2. – a publishing platform dedicated to helping individuals start a business they love, grow personally and live the lives they wish.

At first thought, it seems scary, but actually come to reflect and think about it, I’ve incrementally shedded things that I deemed not important or decreasing in importance includes pursuing things that don’t really matter anymore.

Examples including

  • decreasing pursuits of sales that are not important
  • went cold turkey on my coffee habit – I used to drink 4-5 cups of coffee per day
  • seeking to stock up more products and inventory to sell just because there are few enquiries
  • dropping entrepreneurial pursuits that previously seemed interesting, profitable, or something along that line – but now such pursuits seems less important and less interesting
  • not entertaining high-maintenance or attention seeking individuals that are time-suckers and tiresome
  • relationships, friendships and associates that are not important anymore, or weren’t important in the first place.
  • and more.

I’ve picked up more “detoxing” activities such as:

  • jogging and exercising 4-6 times a week
  • limiting my salt intake
  • limiting non-naturals fat intake such as mayonaise
  • drinking more water, at least 3 liters of water per day

What about you?

What do you think about shedding things, relationships and pursuits that no longer hold meaning? What would you do? Would you be able to shed things that sap your time, energy and money? Would you?

Share your thoughts below.

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Hang around here for some time, you’d see that I don’t well with hype or bullshit. I can smell that typically a mile away, and I hate that shit too.

I’ve been working on myself and on for years, since 2006, and only in late 2019, I started to focus on intuitive and loving leadership, entreprenership and personal development.

Here are some areas that I work on a consistent, ongoing basis.

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