Increasing our awareness or consciousness, by itself, is insufficient. Incomplete even. After careful pondering and thinking about “raising consciousness for a conscious living”, consciousness by itself, without action that correspond with the consciousness, would mean futile thoughts after all.

For example, if you watch or read sad news in another part of the world, and you think to yourself that “How could such atrocity/catastrophy/evil happen? They should ___”. You may even cry, or share with someone else about it.

…but if that’s all you do, isn’t that all for naught?

That’s more like a touch-and-go approach to life and the events around us. Being aware is good, having self awareness, by realizing what you feel and think about it, even better, but nothing beats taking action towards the

Perhaps, that may inspire you to live a better life and not take things for granted in your everyday living.

Self-awareness is definitely part of change…but I’d say it’s incomplete. In fact, it’s one half of the same coin. The other side is behavioral/action that actually elicits the change. Why I bring this up is because I’ve pondered this for awhile – and in my profession, I’ve dealt much with people who suffer from the deepest of sadness/depression, suicidal tendencies etc, and their primary issue was a reminiscence and replay of sad/depressive/suicidal thoughts etc. We cannot outthink our problems, we can thank it to a certain degree, but what’s more important is how we take action on it. Is this true?

Very much so.

If we take two people, and one focus on awareness building/cognitive affirmations as opposed to another who keeps taking the right action…who do you think will grow faster? The purely cognitive one? Or the purely behavioral one?

Assuming both has basic ability to reflect and learn, the one who takes action first, and consistently, will be the one with the step ahead.

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