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I’ve shared earlier that I had plans to:

  • outsource some content creation on – this got shelved as the writing agency don’t have the expertise to write on what I’m slanted to (which I’m secretly happy about)
  • two WordPress-based niche sites that I’m 100% outsourcing – just in Month 2 of outsourcing, my wife told me that she has some viable business opportunities that includes manufacturing and possibly e-commerce, and wants/needs my help

I have been thinking about it for a while (2-3 weeks), and I want to help her because she’s been helping me so much in my businesses since 2008, so I’d really want to support and help her.

But I Don’t Care – I’m Gonna Keep Pressing In Anyway With My 2 Outsourced Sites.

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That’d mean that the two WordPress niche sites that is outsourced, will be EVEN more outsourced and bare-bones ie I may not have the time, energy and effort to even market the businesses at all, so it’d be very Google/SEO-reliant, which is something I’m sort of interested in to find out.

As I had shared, I’ll keep outsourcing content creation on these 2 sites for at least 6 months (this will mean that I will have at least 24 x 1000 word articles on each niche site by end of 2017 (1 x 1000 word articles per week per site). I will also outsource link building activities every 2-3 months too per site.

It Will Cost Me Money.

1. Customized sites = USD 799 per site x 2 sites = USD 1598

2. Article writing = USD 428 per month for 12 articles per month (6 per site per month) x 6 months = USD 2568

3. Outsourced link building (The Hoth) = USD 60 per 3 links x once per quarter x 2 sites x 2 quarters = USD 240

I’d spent a minimum of USD 4406 (roughly SGD 6168) by 31st December 2017.

It’s ok as it’s budgeted for, but I wish I can spend more time marketing the sites – maybe I’ll carve out an additional USD 500 for guest posting or more link building.

I aim to make at least 10% back, which is USD 500 from both sites combined by end of 2017 – keep you posted on this! After 6-12 months, I’d like to sell off these sites to entrepreneurs who can give them the love they deserve. I chose these 2 niches cos of their potential (about $8000 – 9000 revenue per site per month at full capacity). If/once they make revenue, I will set most of the revenue to marketing and content creation.

PS: I Realize That I May Have A Problem

I am aware that I keep trying and buying and venturing into different projects, which led me to tend to be over-stretched and unable to focus on task at hand…or that I’m getting closer to my goal of making more than $100 online per month.

Moving forward to 2018, what I will do is:

  • to focus on 3-4 core projects that are important/close to heart
  • anything else I’m interested in, either outsource 100% by paying (like what I did for the 2 WordPress niche sites) OR do joint ventures where I take majority (at least 51%) and set funding to build the project which will be executed by hired freelancers/employees.

My focus will still be on the 3-4 core projects that are important/close to heart, and to stop being too easily distracted/diluted. It is a disrupting and annoying habit that I want and will remove.

Let us make the most of our time and may next year be our best year yet!

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