Rich rule #4: work your money hard

I dont believe in eating all my yearly profits and income. That’s like the apple farmer selling every single apple tree – it’d make more sense to sell the apples for money, and take the seeds of the best 20% of apples to plant better and better apple trees.


In the same vein, I take every dollar that I save from my businesses and investments as an employee, and as my employee, I have just one job for them: to work harder and harder for me to produce more money.

That $1 needs to either earn

  • $0.05
  • $0.15
  • or double to $1

every, single year, year in, year out.

Let’s relook at that again.

  • $1 making $0.05 = 5% returns
  • $1 making $0.15 = 15% returns
  • $1 doubling to $2 = 100% returns

At scale, say for example $100,000

  • 5% returns is $5,000 + original $100,000
  • 15% returns is $15,000 + original $100,000
  • 100% return is $100,000 + original $100,000

And I hadnt even touched on reinvesting the returns, which will make my mind go blurry mad with excitement.


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