Welcome to my Tools & Resources section – it is my curated list of the tools and services I use and comfortably recommend to help you grow personally, start and grow your passive income streams with offline and online business and more.

I thought it would be helpful to create a resource page for myself, and it doubles as a resource for you and others to refer which you can revisit for all of your growth, success and passive income needs. I will add to it as I learn, grow and discover more things, products and lessons along the way, but you’ll notice that in the future I will reference this page quite often.

I recommend bookmarking it for your reference and convenience – enjoy!

Before digging into the awesome resources I know and trust, an important disclosure:

Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a small commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you.

Please understand that I have experience with some if not most of these products and companies, and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.


Build A Profitable Online Business

This is my #1 recommendation to everyone I meet today, including yourself. It is the main way that you need to build your own cash-generating online business asset, with so many upsides and almost zero downsides, be it

  • Learning a new transferable skill which you can teach to your loved ones
  • It can be run from anywhere in the world ie you can move to any city, state or country you wish, for as long as you like
  • The cost is very very low, less than $1 a day to start
  • You can work on it on the side, just 5-10+ hours a week (the more the better of course)
  • Literally make money as you sleep (as online businesses are online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…everyday)
  • There is no limit to how much you can earn – use it to fund your travels, investment funds, daily expenses
  • Profitable sites can be sold for 30-60X their monthly profit
  • Psychologically – you will build confidence and security, make new friends and have more flexibility in your life be it work full time or not, have kids/pets or not or pay for your loved one’s medical bills – whatever. This is worth its weight in gold.

So, let’s dive in –

Wealthy Affiliate (Affiliate Marketing & SEO Training; Domain & Webhosting)

wealthy affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a great online business learning platform and community to learn how to build your 1st profitable online business – it’s affordable with two different options

  • a forever free limited version (no credit card required, ever) and
  • the standard membership which goes for $299/year (less than a dollar a day)

They have all the training you will need and benefit from to start your online business.

Additionally, they are also good for buying, protecting and managing domain names and WordPress-based websites (up to 25 WordPress websites, which is waaaaaaay more than enough). The significance and importance of this is that this

  • decreases hacks risk by hackers
  • good and responsive tech support – this decreases tech-related issues and difficulties due to technical matters like domain, DNS, plugins, hosting, emails etc (I’m a tech klutz so I don’t mind paying for convenience)
  • has fairly good page load speed
  • very engaged and helpful community
  • also has a general affiliate marketing training tools and education

Read my review on Wealthy Affiliate here.

Sign up for the free Wealthy Affiliate membership here (I recommend that you upgrade membership for more courses and benefits but only when you’re ready of course)

Vidnami Point-and-click Video Maker To Grow Your Business

Vidnami is a very powerful too to grow your business with video (TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or even on your own websites). It’s basically point and click video maker. No experience needed – you can literally create stunning videos for your business in minutes.

Comes with automatic captions to transcribe your clips and effortlessly create captions, as well powered with artificial intelligence to read the gist of your text and helping you auto-select the most suitable video clips (they have more than 970,000+ clips for you to use in your videos).

You also dont need to edit your videos – Vidnami does that for you by automatically combining your texts, clips, voice track and music and more.

I have two (2) Vidnami special offers that I got for you:

Graphics, looks, logos and design can make or break businesses BUT you do not need it at the beginning.

For those who are ready, Fiverr is great! I go to get all my design works done, such as logos, flyers, name cards etc – sign up through my link and we both get $100 in our Fiverr accounts to use for design works =)

Sign up for Fiverr here (free to sign up)

AWeber Email Autoresponder

As the saying goes – the money is in the list, and the real reason for this is because an email autoresponder helps you build a list to

  • connect regularly with your clients
  • understand what your clients needs or wants
  • prescribe/sell to them solutions based on what they want and need.

AWeber provides affordable email autoresponder and great for building your list – easy to use.

Better still, they also have a free version for you to try (free until you reach 500 subscribers – which by then you’d be able to monetize and pay for your AWeber subscription anyway).

Read my review on AWeber here.

Sign up for AWeber for free here – Your AI-powered Writing Assistant is an AI-powered tool that helps me with all my

  • topics research
  • article/blog post outline
  • headline copy writing
  • writing medium and long form

And I am in love with it.

It’s not perfect yet, as it’s in its infancy stages but it’s been very helpful in increasing my content production productivity – there is a lot I need to do to rewrite what “Jarvis” (the name of the AI) types out, but it gets smarter and the process gets me very productive.

Both of which I am grateful for.

See some of my Jarvis / posts here, here and here.

I currently pay USD 99/month for the unlimited credits / words version (not sure if they will allow more of these unlimited packages). If you outsource content a lot, or if you write a lot – do take a look at (signing up with my affiliate link will give you additional 10,000 credits)


TubeBuddy logo

TubeBuddy is a freemium tool which means that you can use their free version until you want to upgrade – it saves me a LOT of time for

  • Video keyword research
  • Related content search and optimization
  • YouTube tagging
  • YouTube batch activities
  • And more

If you want to upgrade, there is a 50% discount if you have less than 1000 subscribers, and an additional 20% discount if you pay yearly too – happy customer here.

Free Internet Marketing Resources


Note on entrepreneurship and earning more:

  • Do one thing a time: one niche and max 2-3 products that complement each other in that niche
  • Serve one niche a time: don’t be all things to everyone. A guiding point is the 2-tier qualifying process eg my niche is “busy working women who wants to get fit / lose weight” – knowing your target audience very well and serving them well will lead to good income
  • Be consistent and patient. It takes time to build ongoing profits online, and many people ask the question of how long it’d take to make money online – and the answer is it’d depend. Some take a couple of months if it’s purely sales from social media leads, and some may take 12-36 months. Be here for the long term and it’d reward you more than you can imagine over time.


Cryptocurrency Investing For Growth and Passive Income

Cryptocurrency, or digital currency (some are utility tokens) are part of a future hedge that is inevitable: it is part of the future, and that’s why at least 5-10% of your net worth should be invested into cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

I prefer these two classics and most of my cryptocurrency investments are in those two, but there are many more cryptocurrency and digital coins / tokens that I invest a little in.

I like to simplify things, so I use my credit cards to fund my cryptocurrency purchases at You can also use Xfers and bank transfer I believe, but I dont want to have too many moving parts or processes.

If you want additional security for your cryptocurrency, then you can consider getting and using an actual physical wallet for cryptocurrency, which is Trezor. I still use my Trezor from 2017.

Recommended:’s App + Debit Card (use my code n9h6j72gs4 and we both get USD 50 IF you use my code AND stake at least 1000 CRO on the app – do this and you will receive your USD 50 instantly). I really like the debit card, and it’s one of the easiest ways to cash out your crypto earnings by

  1. Selling your cryptocurrency into your country’s currency (eg Singapore is Singapore dollars) into your wireless debit card
  2. Use your debit card to wirelessly pay for local products and services

That’s it – easy.


Kucoin has a lot more options when it comes to number of cryptocurrency listed on its platform as compared to, and now it’s so easy to use compared to when we first used it in 2017.

Also, I’m vested in Kucoin Shares (a token of Kucoin) that pays me dividends/fees by sharing with me the trading fees of users who buy and sell cryptocurrency through their platform.

Note / Caution: Do not get caught in the moments of FOMO (fear of missing out) and only spend how much you allocated for. Do not take loans or refinance things to buy cryptocurrency – invest only what you can or are willing to lose. Most big finance players who invest into cryptocurrency recommend a 3-20% max of one’s net worth. Cryptocurrency is highly unregulated (for now) because it is so new, and though I am very bullish on it, please do your due diligence and research.


Fitness, Vitality, Strength, Energy and Have More Sex

To be successful in life, we need to be able to harness energy to perform work sustainably – no point working so hard and much just to fall sick, or worse, get bad sick. Falling sick frequently decreases our energy and momentum to be able to sustainably build and live passive income and progressive lives.

Sleep Early, Wake Up Early And Dominate The Day

  1. Avoid coffee 8-12 hours before sleep time
  2. Keep your phone away at least 2 feet away from you
  3. Turn off all lights if possible, at most a little night light if you need(Consider: Black-out Darkening Curtain helps you block light and allows you to have light-related or quality-related sleep. Check out NiceTown’s 100% blackout window curtain panels scores a full 5 out of 5 stars out of 8800+ ratings.)
  4. Gratitude Journal before sleeping.

Power Morning Rituals

  1. Drink a large glass of warm water first thing in the morning when you wake up – don’t eat anything for the first 30 minutes.
  2. Do not use your mobile devices or computer to answer anything social including email for the first 30 minutes. Instead walk about, stretch, turn on energizing or motivating background music.
  3. Meditate and pray for 10+ minutes including writing and reviewing what you are grateful for and your life goals.
  4. Exercise and stretch for 10-60 minutes.
  5. Write down your three (3) most important to-do for the day that will bring you closer to your life goals and deep work. Go through your priority list.
  6. Then eat and “work”

Exercise Every Day At Least 15-30 Minutes

With / by simple daily exercises such as walking, jogging, weights, climbing stairs, whatever – just move.

Some tips would be to

  • park your car a little further away to induce 15-30 minutes walk back to home or to car
  • choose to walk to your destination (if it’s under 30 or 60 minutes)
  • choose to live closer to your workplace, and walk or bike everywhere
  • apply an “exercise” toll-gate eg whenever you pass through a door, you have to do at least one (1) specific exercise
  • buy some home exercise or gym machines and equipment

Take High Quality Health Supplements Regularly

I only trust and take Xtend Life health supplements since 2014, as I know their quality, their CEO and dedication and integrity.

Here’s what I take daily since 2014:

Men Only: Improve Sexual Health And Relationship Intimacy

  • Stop watching and masturbating to porn
  • Exercise at least 2-5 times per week (include at least one dashing exercise per week)
  • Cut out sugar and refined carbohydrates (such as bread, pasta etc) intake (or at least reduce it by 50-75%)
  • Flirt with your girlfriend / wife / partner throughout the day. Touch and smile gently at them regularly, tenderly.

Drinking Only Filtered Water

I recommend Aquasana drinking water filter, which I’ve been using since 2015. Reason being our body is more than 50% water, and we need water everyday for normal bodily functions – drink something clean and filtered that helps you. Bad quality water = bad quality function.

Read, Read, Read (refer to the Recommended Books section)

Schedule Time With Loved Ones And Friends Regularly

Fast 16 Hours Daily a day, 1-7 days a week.

Fasting has scores of positive health benefits, from clarity, to digestive health, to endocrine health, to sleep and more. Of course, do check in with your doctor first.



Google Suite (Google Mail, Google Calendar etc)

I love Google Suite, which is also commonly known as GSuite – Google Suite. I have been using the paid version since 2014 for all my business and communication emails and calendar tools.

You will have also access to their Google Sheets, Google Docs and Google PowerPoint and more – very useful and waaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper (and easier) than using Microsoft Office. I also integrate with Google Drive, so that makes it very easy to share work documents that can be updated from everyone.

Singapore Telco: Circles Life

Save $20 off your registration fees by entering MINUS20REG into the promo code section when you first sign up. Read more here.

Communication: Slack & WhatsApp

Slack and WhatsApp is my bread-and-butter for all if not most of my informal communications with internal team and even external customers, referrals and more.

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