Renewed Focus

I’ve been writing much more here at and as I write and think and publish, I am becoming increasingly clear and convinced that I will be focusing on less things in life, but things that have more meaning and impact.

This season 2021 and forward I will be focusing on

  • Phoenix Rehab and Group of Companies
  • And a few of my core projects

I cannot be all over the place anymore, and more importantly, I will be diving deeper and anchoring into the fewer but more important people, projects and investments in my life. will cover a few main things:

Entrepreneurship To Diversify Your Income and Amplify Your Earning Power

This is important and integral part of building financial and time freedom. Without good income, it’s hard to focus on what else that can be important.

Create new income streams first to stop living paycheck to paycheck and to start to take back control of your financial future by either

Then, with more income, you have more options and even flexibility:

Build A Life And Business You Love With More Flexibility And Options

  • You can choose to ditch your 9-5 (aka fire your boss, leave your old cubicle life and work you dislike behind) to work full time on your business or
  • You can choose to continue working full time and continue your side hustle on the side, choosing to
    • reinvest the profits into the side hustle
    • invest into stable hard assets that pay you dividends as well as
    • afford luxuries you love such as hiring a personal trainer, chef, go on holidays, buy that car / property / watch whatever

for the purpose and goal of achieving

Freedom, Good Success, Early Retirement, Serendipity & More

More importantly, take more time to focus on things that are truly important, this I write under Good Success, which covers areas like health, relationships, spirituality, giving back, freedom etc.


It seems that these three (3) topics are the common general topics I talk about, so I’m gonna list them out and write them first, and keep at it and see how it goes.

Talk soon!

Where To Next?

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