Constantly Reinventing Myself And Staying True To Myself

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This two words sort of contradict each other, does it not?

How can I reinvent myself yet stay true to myself? Is that a broken loop?

Of course not – it’s because I stay true to myself and to God’s words and teaching that I constantly need and want to grow, be it spiritually, mentally, emotionally and even physically to keep improving.

The time out during the COVID19 lockdown in Singapore has given me quite some time out (well, sort of, kinda hard to have quiet time at home with 2 young kiddos, with multiple business-related activities) but I think one thing I just realized is why I may be constantly “struggling” to stay a specific course and writing path here in and life is possibly due to me constantly reinventing and trying to stay true to myself in spite / as I experience life and people/organizations from all kinds:

  • good
  • bad / evil

And of course, the experiencing the good ones just brings tears and gladness to my heart and eyes, and whenever I meet the bad and evil ones who

  • lie
  • cheat
  • defraud
  • manipulate
  • coerce
  • to the extremist who murder and destroy

Ah, it’s those that help remind me of who Christ is, who I am and continue to be, and where I want to go

As I constantly reinvent myself internally and externally by

  1. identifying what’s true, good and eternal: God, Godliness, Goodness and Greatness
  2. identifying what I’m saying and doing and if it’s congruent with my core and what’s important to me
  3. identifying what my external environment is be it family, friends, work, business, investments
  4. shedding all the unnecessary, untrue, unright, to stay close to #1

And this constant exploratory, on-field, off-field, constantly updated with more information process is a dynamic, live and ongoing thing – this is what that makes life, isn’t it?

That’s why apostle Paul say “being able to abase and abound” as long as we’re rooted in God’s words and will, then come heavens-high or low-water, it is good in my soul.

Right now, I am reminded of my “Now” page: to love God, to do good, to live and be good.

yellow and blue Good Records light

It is an apt reminder.

  • To think and remind myself of God, who He is, no matter where I am, and where I’m going, and who I’m becoming.
  • In my businesses be it Nalco Group, Nalco Leads, Phoenix Rehab and my future businesses and investments

That I will continue to be true to myself and to God and to my family and friends, that I will not ever lie or throw someone else under the bus just for convenience, or cos I won’t get caught, or just because I can; despite what some certain individuals and organizations had done to me and continue to speak lies and spread rumours – God will deal with them, and they can explain to God later.

  • I will conduct myself as a husband, father, son, son-in-law, sibling, sibling in law and friend that is Godly and good
  • I will conduct businesses such that it’s transparent to my people and tribe, and also it’s Godly and good, and that it will bring good value to clients, customers, stakeholders and shareholders
  • and more

Staying true and good and Godly is more important – there isn’t a need to impress humans, for I prefer to impress God and to stay true to Him and His love; and keep growing and improving IN my walk with Him and my relationship with Him, and how I continue to interact and love and make my place in this world.

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