With the passing of my papa recently
I’m pondering more over my life
And my business
I’ve been in singapore since 2002
And been working ever since
I’ve been building my reserves
So that when my papa retires
We can spend more time together
Either by going for holidays
Or just being together

I’ve been a fool
I’ve assumed that my parents will grow old together
And die from old age
Never has it occurred to me that
Either one may be called home earlier

And now that we have the time
And just a little more resources
And we’re waiting for papa to retire
He’s called home to be with the Lord

I am sorrowful and regretful
That papa
Never had the chance to carry my kids
His grandchildren
Nor will he see New Zealand

Yes, he is in heaven
A place much more beautiful
Than anything in the universe
Yet, my heart is heavy

I miss my papa
And I wish to have done more for him
I want to bless him back
But not I don’t have the chance

It’s a heavy price
And very painful lesson
On not waiting too long
Or planning too much
To live more mindfully
And be in the present
To live as much as we can

This is a tribute and ruminations of my late papa, Daniel Chua. He was born on 27th Feb 1955, and he was called to the Lord on 24th May 2014 (59 years old). A tribute was created to him at

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