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I am very glad that I am able to take a sabbatical since end 2017 when I exited my previous company that was acquired by a larger company.

I am grateful for the experiences of being acquired, and the growth and lessons learnt.

I’m still in sabbatical, and it’s good in the sense:

  • I get to test multiple completely unrelated business ideas (and still testing!) on small scales (partly to scratch my entrepreneurial itch, but moreso my curiosity) – I am publishing public domain books, I launched Nalco Group with multiple arms in healthcare and skincare products
  • I get to spend more time praying and reading the bible, business books
  • I get to spend time with my kids more

And I have so much more to do.

Importantly, I have managed to streamline the focus of NigelChua to FIRE Entrepreneurship,       which is Financial Independence, Retire Early And Entrepreneurship – which is truly the crux of     what I do, believe in and stand for. Long time readers will realize that I struggled with the central theme of NigelChua for years (thank you for your patience).

I was just talking with my wife, and discussing that my Nalco Group, Nalco Health and Nalco Skincare – they’re too broad and not focused enough. It’s like I just placed all products sold without a focus, and this is the same problem that I have with XtendHealthAsia – and I think it’s not clear enough, which makes readers and buyers confused with what I’m saying.

I have to agree, though only WisdomOfSeneca is the one that’s quite laser focused, but then again, it’s public domain publishing to Amazon Kindle, so that’s sort of create, set it and then forget it.

I think I’m too general, which is part of my approach to life: I’m a big picture, big concept person, and that’s generally how I see, think, and do things, but the more I think about it, that’s not how it works for business, offline or online.

Customers need to see that it’s

  • a very clear problem I’m solving
  • a very clear solution I’m providing
  • a very clear call to action

Laser focus and communicate clarity in life, finance and business is so important.

So that’s why HeatPackPro was dreamed up – electrical heat packs are something that I’ve been using professionally for all my hand therapy patients (fundamentally, I’m a hand therapist) since 2012 and have been selling them at my then-clinics till date.

HeatPackPro is focused mainly on my professionally-tried-and-tested electric heat packs (which when I checked, is an Italian brand since 1991!!!).

  • I’ve setup the Shopify Lite store – using their buy buttons was so easy! But we have outgrown it and will be porting it to WooCommerce, which has more robust affiliate management and EasyShip integration for international shipping and calculations
  • I’ve been speaking to physiotherapists and even meeting magazine editors

HeatPackPro, in a sense, is also special, because it’s sort-of-close to my vertical of strength, from my professional and commercial experience as a hand therapist and ex-business-owner of a private therapy business (I will write more on this vertical understanding later). Electric heat pack is close to what I had been doing, using and promoting professionally since 2012, and what is even closer to my vertical of strength is if I start a website dedicated to

  1. hand therapy and/or hand pain
  2. therapy business start-up, growth
  3. building therapy sites that gets leads and sales

The above 3 are real results and outcomes that is central to my Strength Vertical, and will likely have more chances of success because:

  1. I have prior experience and success in it
  2. I had treated, seen thousands of patients who paid me to treat them
  3. I had doctors who referred these patients to me
  4. I had gotten a lot of therapy leads and sales from the previous therapy website
  5. I had used and sold hundreds of electric heat packs (and with a lot of patients returning to buy again and again).

Maybe I’m dense.

I didn’t realize this “Strength Vertical” until recently.

I also didn’t realize that I have verbal/visual diarrhea of ideas that decreased clarity and focus of my online experiments and ventures.


start starting over
This can be done only because I’ve been keeping my costs low, paying off my flat (ala FIRE Manifesto), have a very supportive wife and family and friends.

And you, of course.

My top project will be Heat Pack Pro, and maybe 1 more on Amazon Book Writing or something from:

  1. hand therapy and/or hand pain
  2. therapy business start-up, growth
  3. building therapy sites that gets leads and sales

I’m not in a rush this time.

I feel and think when decisions are rushed, they tend to be substandard and good. I’ve discussed other ideas with my wife too, but moving forward, before I embark on anything, it may be good to consider first:

  1. My time commitment (which is important depending on how difficult the niche is)
  2. My Strength Vertical based on my experience, expertise
  3. Very clear hard problem, hard offer and hard outcome

Will mull over a little more – comment below =)

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