Quick Updates 10th February 2018

Man, time really flew so fast!

I thought ever since I tendered my resignation as director from Urbanrehab to spend time with wifey, children, write my books (yes, this is one of my projects) as well as help out my wife with her/our Nalco Group family business – I’m busy as ever!

No words.

Some quick updates from me:


Despite the little/less updates recently, I am still active with affiliate marketing, namely with

I don’t think I will stop focusing on affiliate marketing, ever.

I’m slowly adding them to Nalco Group, and am consolidating our works into a central “headquarters HQ” type of approach, to pool our focus, resources and more, as well as port over all email correspondences and payouts to Nalco Group (pool everything there)

I am actually very excited for…


Nalco Group Pte Ltd is a venture started by my wife, in 2014/2015, and after 2+ years of brainstorming and discussion, we have agreed that it’s better for us to pool our resources and start to work together again.

And I do enjoy working with her very much.

Nalco Group has multiple departments, due to our varied focus and passion, but that’s where we will create our family business moving forward.

I will more likely than not port my other smaller standalone sites to it as well, including XtendHealthAsia (still thinking), Aquasana water filter (done and expanded) and potentially a publishing arm to publish all my publications/works/writings too.


This will allow NigelChua.com to continue to focus on:

  • passive income
  • freedom
  • early retirement
  • philosophy
  • leadership
  • parenting
  • faith

Nothing has changed – though I have changed, somewhat. A bit older, and hopefully, not just a busy fool, but one who is more thoughtful way of living a freed, happy, rich and meaningful life.


I’ve been a little more contemplative and have been reading more of Seneca’s works, which is heavily into stoic philosophy and stoicism.

It has definitely helped and enabled me to see things in better perspective, giving me a more calmer approach to life, real and perceived crises, challenges and focus.

To start my publishing adventure, I am looking to first publish public domain works of Seneca, because his writings have had a profound effect on my life, and I am more than happy to share his works.

Challenge right now is more of structuring: where to publish his works and how to market. I will continue to think and ponder about this.

I have told my wife, Louise, again and again, for a few years now, that I’d love to live off royalties from my writings and publications. Both as an author and an online business owner.


2018 crypto bloodbath
My oh my.

From December 2017 to February 2018 – there was so much sea of red and bloodbath in the cryptocurrency world.

Everywhere, any cryptocurrency, dipped to a very new low.

Bitcoin, which reached a high of close to USD 20,000 per Bitcoin, dropped to as low as USD 5,000+ per Bitcoin – that’s a 75% dip…and even as I write this update on 10th February 2018, there is still a chance of a second W-shaped double dip that may occur from now till end of February 2018.

I definitely didn’t see it coming, though from historical records, the dips HAVE happened for years already every January – Febuary.


However, I remain bullish with blockchain and cryptocurrency, due to its potential and ability to change and improve businesses around the world. At this point in writing, I have invested/speculated into 41 different cryptocurrencies/blockchain companies, but of that 41, 8-9 of them represent the bulk 80%+ of my total investments.

In my next phase, I will slowly whittle down to my core 7-10 and just hodl those.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency WILL revolutionize the world, but as it’s so new (less than 10 years old), there is so much “wild west” and more than 90-95% of blockchain companies, cryptocurrencies and ICOs out there are truly shit/dead-coins, which basically are either cash-grabs by greedy people (few scams have happened), or people do not have the expertise or patience to work things through.

THESE are start ups (most are), but whittle through and take your time to understand the team, their experience, the white paper, how they handle themselves and communications with pre- and actual-investors.

What I am bullish on for crypto:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Qash (QASH)
  • Stellar Lumen (XLM)
  • Cardano (ADA)
  • Cindicator (CND)
  • VeChain (VEN)
  • ZenCash (ZEN)

Is it a good time to buy?

Well, I am a believer of blockchain and cryptocurrency, so I will say yes. BUT it is very vital to ensure you do your proper research and due diligence first.

Too many scams out there.

But once you find the good and high quality ones, buy. Buy during dips are the best, cos the price is lower =)

What an interesting time to be alive.

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