Quick profitable side hustle idea #1 (that you can start this weekend)

My rule to quick fast side hustle ideas:

  1. Low barrier for entry: doesnt require you to buy equipment that costs more than $1K
  2. No special skill: doesnt require you to study years for a license, the skill needs to be learnable in hours
  3. Recurring: something that the clients will need on a recurring basis, 1/2/3/4x per month
  4. Scalable: not hard to hire someone to train and do the job

Today’s idea: grass cutting

  1. Low barrier for entry: this cordless grass cutter costs less than a fancy dinner; and this cordless lawn mower costs less than two fancy dinners. Put them in your car and you’re good to go.
  2. No special skill: grass cutting and lawn mowing DEFINITELY don’t require a license or years of training – start by cutting your own and maybe a couple of your friend’s lawns to get the basic skills of handling, and you’re good to go.
  3. Recurring: Grass and weed will grow again and again, which means that it’d need to be cut again and again, which ka-ching, means that you can earn money again and again.
  4. Scalable: It’s definitely easier to hire and train technicians to cut and mow grass for your clients; yes, people would be happy to work for you as employees as you deal with growing the business and acquiring more clients, but we’re jumping the gun here.

How to get your first 3 grass cutting client?

This is the key to get your business started, and you can definitely just start off on weekends to keep your day job. Some ways you can start getting clients and leads:

  1. Message a bunch of your closest buddies and ask them to refer someone, something like this: “hey, I’ve started a lawn mowing / grass cutting business and I’m looking for clients who wants nicely trimmed lawns, can you please refer a neighbour who’s too busy to cut their own grass? Sweeten this deal by offering a special deal to them for example: refer x number of clients and I’ll cut your lawn for free this month.
  2. Do the same on social media.
  3. Knock on your neighbourhood doors and tell them directly: “Hey it’s me, my name is ____ and I live in this neighbourhood. I am starting a grass cutting / lawn mowing business and my rate is $X. Would you be happy for me to cut your grass this month?” Sweeten this deal by offering a “free trial today” by giving 1 free full lawn mowing / grass cutting and pay for 2nd one onwards.
  4. Location bundle, if you already have a client scheduled for a date, reach out to the neighbours in the area and let them know that you have a grass cutting appointment on that date/time, and if anyone would want a session, then you’d be happy to do a bundle discount since you’re already in the area.
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There’s more ways to grow your side hustle too, but start with these.

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