Pursuit Of Just Cause, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Financial Freedom Etc – It’s All Mindset & Lifestyle

I’ve been writing much about

  • passive income and entrepreneurship
  • leadership and just cause
  • financial freedom
  • growth and personal development

And I realize that it’s all a decision: it boils down to a decision to embrace this into a “working framework” in the mind (mindset) and in action (lifestyle).

It just cannot be segregated where one can pick and choose ala carte when one “can” be successful and one need not be – such duality cannot work: one cannot serve two masters.

So this brings us to this: What’s important to us?

Taking time to answer that question will determine our focus and framework for making decisions and taking actions consistently.

An example is my own Just Cause:

To help individuals achieve freedom and good success, starting with financial freedom through personal development, entrepreneurship, and leadership; for the purpose of building and living a life of Good Success, where we as individuals will pursue good; do what is good and important to them and for the betterment of their families and societies; and leave a good legacy of a life well lived and whose teachings, philosophy and memories will last forever, for the glory of God.

And how I reached that basically how I see the lack of money and the lack of understanding how money and how we work, creates a lot of personal-finance-related issues, such as

  • people working at jobs they hate
  • people tolerating bosses and colleagues that have really questionable values
  • people backstabbing each other to get ahead in career
  • people not saving nor investing for the long term
  • people just giving up and not leveling up

…and then one day they “wake up” – they’re old, dying and full of regrets.

Of course, making more money and becoming financially independent is just the tip of the iceberg, or a better term would be is that it unlocks the next level of their lives, be it

  • spending more time with loved ones
  • pursuing a different career
  • moving to another place
  • or even just stay the same

Whatever rocks your boat.

BUUUUUUT and that’s a BIG but: they no longer have to tolerate or participate in questionable actions or ethics (if you’re a proponent of questionable stuff eg lying, manipulating, defrauding – please, repent, and change your ways – there is no good continuing that dark path).

It Boils Down To Deciding To Be What And Who You Want To Be

…and the lifestyle you will have to choose to uphold that standards.

One year from now, where and who will you be?

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