Publish Using Real Name Or Pen Name?

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I went for a publishing course in December 2018, under the tutelage of Dominic Tay. It was a 2 full day course, and I learnt a lot from him. Subsequently, I signed up for other publishing courses and have a few publishing tools at my reach and disposal.

This means that I AM READY to publish.

I have a current challenge, which is basically contemplating between publishing under my own personal name (Nigel Chua) or under a pen name. I know I’m interested in personal development, growth, good success, and some ideas of books that I will publish will likely go in the line of:

  • How to stop procrastination
  • How to stop watching TV
  • How to wake up early
  • How to forgive
  • etc etc

Likely down the “success habits line” eg 20 habits to beat procrastination, habit-linking for success, 10-minute decluttering, mindfulness, relationship etc. Maybe I’m going in the direction of personal branding, but to add to that, as I grow older, I feel/think I want to write things that are BOTH popular AND important to me (a bit greedy I know haha).

Now that Phoenix Rehab is slowly stabilizing and growing, I can dedicate a couple of hours a week to publishing books that I care about =)

I dropped an email to my shifu Dominic, awaiting for his input and advice.

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