And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day.

Deuteronomy 8:18

This is the very verse that convinced me that God wants me (and us) to be wealthy. If not, then why would He give us the power to get wealth? It’d be for nothing then, to get this power but not plan or aim to get wealthy. However, I know that God whom I serve is a God of purpose, and what He sends out doesn’t return void, especially when it comes to His promises and covenant that He had set – if He had said that He had given us the power to get wealth, then I know that this power to get wealth is already within me, and it’s for me to get wealthy.

God has never intended for any of His sons and daughters and followers to be poor and live in poverty – that is actually not biblical in nature. The idea of poverty is holy comes from the lying devil, who wants you to be poor. It is the same lying devil who robs and steals from you (see John 10:10) and his ultimate aim is for you to have a poverty mentality to keep you and your generations poor…so that you cannot do anything for the glory of God.

God on the other hand, has said before that He wants you to prosper. He has declared that He has already given you the power to get wealth. He is serious about wanting you to get wealthy – you see, He doesn’t just talk about getting you wealthy, He first gives you the power to get wealth and then tells you that He’s already given you the power.

Here’s the part that most believers struggle with-what does power to get wealth mean? Some people say it’s divine favor, such as quicker promotions. Some says that you’d be given more creative ideas to boost your business.

I’d like to share with you what came into my mind one day when I was praying and thinking, and I was actually feeling frustrated as one of my colleagues was telling me that who doesn’t believe that one has to live life working. Who doesn’t believe that life has got anything to do with work. Who rejects work. Who wants to live the life of doing nothing but spending time with loved ones, just swimming, sipping tea and that’s it. Who envies people who can go on holidays, who are born into rich families or has a “luckier” life. Who believes that she will instantly be brought to her place of richest by luck, it seems.

That got me really riled up, as it seems as my antithesis, because I strongly believe and advocate in work. I live to work, not because of work per se, but because I believe that God’s purpose lie in me working. I believe His design for me was for work, like how He designed Adam to work in the garden of Eden. Of course, also for communion with Him.

So I started praying and talking to God, and He revealed to me that when He says that He has given us to power to get wealth. If I will take and assume one dimension and with a constant velocity, this can be simplified to:

Power = Work / Time

Power (To Get Wealth) = Work / Time (To Get Wealth)

It seems that He has given us to power to get wealth, which translates to working over a period of time to get wealth. What is not defined is how much work and how much time, to get how much wealth.

However, what I know is that Work is Force x Distance, and Force is Mass x Acceleration, which means that

Power (To Get Wealth) = Mass x Acceleration x Distance / Time (To Get Wealth)

So when God said that He has given us to power to get wealth, it seems to me that He has given us a certain mass which can accelerate over a certain distance which is work, over a certain period of time to get wealth.

It seems that in the end, to get wealth, we have to work. Hmm. I seem to have strayed from my original point, and now there’s two points:

1. That God wants us to prosper, that’s why He had given us the power to get wealth.

2. That to get wealth, I always thought that it involves working…and I’m proven right in the physics version of power defined.

So God wants to prosper us like how He prospered Abraham, whom He made to prosper in all things (see Genesis 24:1), but the key is that God did this so He can fulfill the covenant He made with Abraham. God gave Abraham the power to get wealth, and he became rich in “flocks and herds, silver and gold, male and female servants, and camels and donkeys”. (Genesis 24:35) His son, Isaac, inherited his possessions and was also empowered by God to get wealth, so he became “very prosperous”. (Genesis 26:13) God also gave Abraham’s grandson, Jacob, the power to get wealth, and he grew “exceedingly prosperous”. (Genesis 30:43)

God’s promise that Abraham and his seed would possess the earth or be heirs of the world was not based on obedience to the law, but on the righteousness of faith. (Romans 4:13) And because you are in Christ and righteous by faith, you are Abraham’s seed and an heir of the world according to the promise. (Galatians 3:29) Are heirs of the world poor? Of course not!

My friend, God wants you to be prosperous, not just inwardly but outwardly too. (3 John 1:2) So today, even if you don’t have a cent in your pocket, remember the Lord your God. It is He who gives you the power to get wealth, so that He may establish His covenant with Abraham!

God has given you to power to get wealth, so go out there, hone your skills and keep working hard – you will become rich in Jesus name.

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