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So I shared in an earlier post that I paid/signed-up for a premium Amazon Kindle Publishing course that I attended on 1st and 2nd December 2018 (Saturday and Sunday 9 AM to 7 PM). The trainer/teacher is Dominic Tay, I must say, I am impressed.

1. Impressed with the way Dominic taught – insightful, with a lot of reference to personal experiences, student outcomes, and very patient with me (and other students of course) asking him lots of questions. He’s pretty candid too, and down to earth – easy to relate and speak to.

2. Impressed with the course content – very comprehensive and step-by-step details given, both online and offline. Despite the content being very heavy (I’ve been to a few courses, and Dominic’s way of engaging the class was quite interactive yet controlled and fluid, if that makes sense to you).The course, it’s really well thought through, well planned and well taught.

I purchased additional software to help overcome 20% of the hurdle which is worth it and I would buy the software again in a heartbeart.

Overall, a very enjoyable course and a very experienced and passionate teacher.

Now, on to WHY I signed up for this Amazon Kindle Publishing course.


why i signed up amazon kindle publishing course

So of course, I decided on attending the course because of a few reasons:

1. Dominic has been there, done that and still doing it. He started in 2013, and has the results I personally want. So to shortcut my results in Amazon Kindle Publishing, I believe that working with an experienced and passionate coach will help me do so.

2. As I just started, I cannot speak for my personal results yet (today is just day 1 AFTER the course) – I am waiting for access to the software to kickstart my 1st Kindle project (will come in 3-4 days times) but Amazon Kindle Publishing will be a powerful

A. High income skill that I want to learn (the word “high income skill” was learned from Dan Lok, who advised that we all need to learn at least ONE high income skill that can help us make six figures per year, and this is what I want.)

B. Passive Income Machines – Every successful Amazon Kindle book that I sell on Amazon will be automated and recurring, with no additional costs to manage or serve or service. That’s my definition of Passive Income Living: Building And Acquiring Passive Income Machines that creates streams of passive income.

C. Combining both A and B, this is a replicable and scalable business that can be as passive as I like/want it to be. I can have 10 books, 100 books or 1000 books. And it’d run night and day, serving readers and my tribe.

D. I don’t know where this came from, but I’ve always wanted to live off my publishings/writings. I’ve told this to my wife time and again since 2010 and I think I did write that a couple of times on this blog. I do hope and will take necessary steps/actions to achieve this dream.

I will aim to create at least 1 Amazon Kindle book per month for now, and once I get results and the hang of things, ideally for at least 4 books a month (ie 1 per week), and it’s very doable I think.

To me, a successful Amazon Kindle Publishing business is a six figure net take home royalties ie SGD 100,000 per year, or SGD 8,334 per month (this will be my publishing target), of course, it has to be achieved step by step, so my milestones will be:

  1. SGD 100/month
  2. SGD 200/month
  3. SGD 300/month
  4. SGD 500/month
  5. SGD 1000/month
  6. SGD 2000/month
  7. SGD 3000/month
  8. SGD 5000/month
  9. SGD 7500/month
  10. SGD 10000/month
  11. ??

Conservatively, I hope to achieve goal #10 by end of 2020, which gives me 2 years to build up the knowledge, streams and experience for my Amazon Kindle Passive Income Machines.

When I can achieve five figure per month…I don’t know what will happen after that. Maybe I’ll just keep publishing books ie business as usual? I don’t know.

I’ll just take things one step a time.


I’ve been on sabbatical since 20th Dec 2017, and today as I write this article, today’s the 3rd of December 2018. I cannot imagine how time has flown – it’s close to a year already since my sabbatical started! Gosh.

Time really flies.

The sabbatical is truly very helpful, and I praise the good Lord that I am able to take a sabbatical time out, just to think, purge and rest my heart and brain, which had been so busy since 2008. It’s only when my sabbatical started, and even then, I was keeping myself busy with Nalcohealth, HeatPackPro, other online projects, children (so nice), but it’s the quiet times that I appreciate.

I get to slow down, to think, reflect of what I had learnt the last 10 or so years, including 2018. Much has happened, and sometimes we (or at least me), don’t slow down enough to think.

But as 2018 draws to an end, I’m increasingly reflective and a little more thoughtful. Maybe the purging of my heart and mind has begun? Nonetheless I truly enjoy publishing, and I want to grow this new skill, in my experience and outcomes, as mentioned above.

I’d love to live off my publications =)

every journey starts with single step


…and consists of thousands (or more) steps.

And the same can be said for YOUR Passive Income Lifestyle.

This is my journey to build more upon my Passive Income Lifestyle and journey. After I can achieve this, I think I will scale up more, and invest more into dividend stocks but keep building on my High Income skill and streams of income from my Amazon Kindle Publishing business. Maybe I’ll achieve my SGD 10,000/month royalties income by end 2020, maybe earlier, maybe later.
Who knows? I’ll just keep progressing and not stopping.
How bout you? What do you think?

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