Whew, I hadn’t written in a while eh – it’s been such a busy time juggling things, family, projects, businesses, investments and life – really didn’t have much time to catch my breath.

I’ll consolidate my mind and write about those later.

Today, this article is about my decision to port NigelChua.com (this website) over from being a self-hosted WordPress site with Bluehost to one that is managed and hosted in Solo Build It.


1. Congruence: I find that I comfortably recommend people to use Solo Build It (SBI) but my old NigelChua.com was a self-hosted WordPress, so I felt and thought that’s a little inconsistent on my part. Besides, I’ve been using SBI for years with my “serious” offline businesses, so I want to go serious with NigelChua.com too, beginning 2018 onwards

2. Focus: with self-hosted WordPress, there is a lot of things that I needed to focus on, from details of hosting plans, to type of plugins (so, so, so many), to security issues (multiple people trying to break into my WordPress), to the design of site – there are too many things to distract me and to think about – which I dislike, because it took too much time and focus away from what is most important: building the content, marketing the content, building the brand of NigelChua.com

3. Security: it was truly unsettling each time I get a notification from Sucuri and firewall updates that they managed to prevent someone from breaking through my wp-admin page etc. I never get that with my Solo Build It sites. Not once.


But moving NigelChua.com over from the webhost isn’t as easy as usual.

Firstly, I needed to port over the content from WordPress version of NigelChua.com. I had to purchase Name Park It (NPI) in Solo Build It as Nigel-Chua.com, and engaged Abul to help port over 520+ articles over to Nigel-Chua.com first.

The porting of the articles took about 2 weeks.

After that, I had to transfer the domain nigelchua.com over to Solo Build It, and to do that, I needed to “release” the domain at the webhost, THEN purchase Name Park It at Solo Build It, and then try to get NigelChua.com

It stuck there for a bit, because I actually needed to get support to help me transfer that.

And then after doing that finally (took about 1 week plus), the next step was to initiate a “Move It” function to move contents and design of Nigel-Chua.com to NigelChua.com.

I was stuck at the Move It part for a long time, and I am/was/is soooooo happy with Solo Build It’s support (thanks Jennifer, Laura, Kim etc) and patience in guiding me.

I was unable to move Nigel-Chua.com to NigelChua.com for about 12+ hours, and it was very frustrating, until finally they got their programmers to check, and we found out why…


Many years ago, I hosted NigelChua.com at Solo Build It, before moving it out to WordPress, and because of that, there was a “memory” of the old version that is preventing me from moving Nigel-Chua.com to NigelChua.com.

Finding that out was interesting!

And so, as I write this, Solo Build It support has saved a copy of the contents of my old, old NigelChua.com into a zip file, and next would be to finally complete the move.

Wow, that was more painful and slow than I thought (usually it’s very easy one, but this time, there was a lot of variables and moving parts.


Weirdly enough, all this technical aspects and stuff doesn’t faze me – it’s part and parcel.

But what really hurts me now is because of the delay of my NigelChua.com domain, my email nigel@nigelchua.com is in limbo, and I can’t use it…and that email is the main email I use for all NigelChua.com activities INCLUDING my cryptocurrency logins.

So as you can imagine, all my cryptocurrency exchange logins are affected, so I cannot do any cryptocurrency investing or selling at this point in time.

Well, I can’t say that’s an entirely good or bad thing, but I do like to be able to login as and when I want to.

I can’t wait to complete the move, as right now, I’m still writing at Nigel-Chua.com – I hope the move completes by 31st December 2017 – keep you posted!

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