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coffee filled white ceramic mug on brown wooden surface

Recently I saw a video by Simon Sinek on leadership, who narrated a story of this a man, a leader who was the speaker at an event. He spoke once before retirement, and once after retirement.

Before retirement, his company sent him in a business class plane. There was a driver waiting for him. And he stayed in a 5- star hotel. And the driver was there everyday. And everyday he has a special cup of coffee brewed for him in a nice mug.

After retirement?

He took economy class plane. There was no one waiting for him to fetch him anywhere – he took public transport. He took public transport to the convention center where he is to speak, and there was no coffee. So he asked where is the coffee, where someone pointed to him the local communal pot of coffee, where he has to get his own plastic disposable cup to pour his own and drink.

He sipped the coffee and smiled to himself.

This story is close to my heart, because recently after fully exiting my earlier company, I took a good 18 months sabbatical to ponder what I was to do next, before being invited into a leadership position at my wife’s physiotherapy and hand therapy company Phoenix Rehab, and I hard to start from scratch all over again.

Which is actually good, happy and exciting for me, just that once in a while, my thoughts and feelings “went back” to my previous leadership life, and how there was almost little to no contact to even ask me how I am. Since December 2017.

Is this me being sorry for myself? I don’t think so. I think it’s me wondering if all the good things I had done by taking care of people, just doesn’t mean jack (and I think that’s why evil people do evil things, cos “the mass don’t know/care anyway”). Especially when people with more money seem to think they can say more shit, despite me actually doing and taking good care of people.

If people then just called me boss and was nice to me only because of my position and title and how I took care of them then, and now since “I’m no one to them”…it’s a tad sad, but oh well.

What I hold onto is that I had already done my best during my chapter and season there, and that is all that matters. As one door closes, another opens. What matters to me is that God loves me, I’ve done the right things, even though it can be unpopular, hard, unseen, uncelebrated, boring and even resisted. The right thing is the right thing, after all – I am excited as God continues to minister to me and speak to me in preparation for His next season for me.

And God, whom I know is so good to me, with good thoughts and plans for me – I know for certain that my next season is better =)

Where To Next?

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